Monday, March 09, 2009

It is that time of year again

when incredibly patronising adverts appear on the television urging punters to buy something unspeakably awful for their unfortunate mothers on Mothering Sunday.

I have assured my kids that if they buy me this they will be seeking alternative bed and board before the day is out.

I challenge you all to come up with something worse than this to give or receive on Mother's Day. And yes '9 to 5' is on it.


Anonymous said...

Terminally ill reality TV star Jade Goody has been confronted in hospital by a woman found to be in possession of a hammer, according to her spokesman.

JJ! Really!! You've gone too far this time ....


Karen said...

Haha Messalina!

I actually made my mum a CD called "Wash Faster" with a photo of a bowl of washing up on it. But this was a good present because not only did I compile it myself I put lots of tunes on it that my mum would find motivational, would be able to sing along to and make the washing up more bearable. This CD is now redundant as she has a dishwasher!

No idea what to buy mine as it's just been her birthday so ideas would be gratefully welcome mum!

Fire Byrd said...

I notice that there are 5 cds in this set, how much bleeding housework is anyone supposed to do???

Martin said...

I would've thought they'd have put something by "Ironing Maiden" on there.


Gill said...

only 5 cds in the set? It will take me longer than that to get all the slapper's minge out from under the bed!

Jay said...

I think there'll be a lot of young people out on the streets very soon if that thing sells! LOL!

'Ironing Maiden'! ROFL!

I think it should include The Jam, The Platters and Meat Loaf for the kitchen/dining room.

J.J said...

Messalina - I was only trying to put everyone out of our misery. It was a charitable act.

Karen - that's very funny!

Fire Byrd - more than I manage in a year it would seem!

Martin - you have just made me laugh out loud. Brilliant!

Gill - don't you dare do ANY housework - you have an excuse to avoid it for weeks yet, so make good use of it!

Jay - yes, with a little bit of thought we could have a disc especially put together for each room in the house. Maybe we should be concentrating on an appropriate compilation for Father's Day first though. It could start with 'Lazy Sunday Afternoon' and go on from there....

Karen said...

Surely just Lazy by David Byrne? Fathers always tend to be lazy, not just on a Sunday!

word ver: recation

J.J said...

Karen - :-)

Good point, well made!