Thursday, November 01, 2007

I've had a piece of good news

I got a call from a policeman in Essex.

Going back to March this year as mentioned here, I had my handbag stolen, and as a result of that I ended up as yet another victim of identity theft, with mobile phone contracts and store credit cards being taken out in my name here, there and bloody everywhere.

Well what the nice policeman told me was that they arrested a woman who was caught trying to use a stolen card, and upon searching her found many cards which were clearly forgeries, and several cards which appeared genuine,one of which belonged to me.

She is well and truly nicked.

And I am just SO delighted.


Brom said...

Yay!, That's good news. Hope they lose the key.

Like the new look too.

Oh, I also have a cold!

badgerdaddy said...

Nice work. Very satisfying.

One thing about the new look, which is mostly brilliant - it's hard to read the text on the header picture. Apart from that, it's great!

Steg said...

Hope they pin everything back to the Kennedy assassination on her!
I was in such a rush to comment I missed the new look and had to go back to it. Very nice. Classy, apart from the team of choice of course!

Gill said...

oh that's good news and I like your new multi-coloured look!

J.J said...

Bron, thanks - and get well soon.

Badger daddy - thanks also, and you are right about the text - it's no great loss though if one can't read it!

Steg, thank you too...and yes, I hope the heaviest book in the world gets thrown at her.

The colour scheme matches my team's shirts Gill - but a brand new football fan such as yourself will already know that I am sure!

Gill said...


J.J said...

Best result of the day yesterday for 'your team' Gill!!

Carlisle 3, Leeds United 1. I love it!

Gill said...

yeah but they smashed half the town up afterwards!