Sunday, November 25, 2007

As if a speech at the village school wasn't enough

On Tuesday my supervisor and I are leading a conference in London on the difficulties involved with helping young adopted adults who have been through the care system and who want to find their birth relations again as they are legally entitled to do once they reach the age of 18.

All we actually asked for was the opportunity to discuss this issue with the leading researcher in adoption reunions, but one should know to be careful what one asks for. The researcher's very unexpected response was - "Yes of course, come and tell us all (about 100 fellow adoption workers) about the difficulties you encounter." I am fairly terrified.

But here is a strange thing. The only ever previous time I have been to the venue I will be speaking at on Tuesday I wrote in my then blog that I had been to London and Reidski made a comment that he wasn't speaking to me any more because I had come to London and not met him for a drink. At that time the only communication we had ever had was via comment boxes on his blog and mine but I had a bit of 'a thing' about him, and his comment gave me the nerve to e-mail him and say I'd have that drink next time. Well, when I go to the venue on Tuesday morning I will be leaving from his flat. Life isn't all Cobblers. Some times life is bloody wonderful in totally unexpected ways.


JoeinVegas said...

Well, expect to see you on national telly sometimes soon.

Steg said...


Gill said...

Just don't mention wheeless wheelie bins! :-)

I am sure you will be fine and the venue sounds like a good omen!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I echo steg's "AWWWW!"

John said...

I haven't signed up for this private blog just to listen to you get all mushy about that commie. Give us some more dirt!!

J.J said...

Joe...been there done that. Just unfortuanate it was a clip of me snogging Tony Blair. (I kid you not.)

Steg - *blushing!*

Gill, no way - that company have their spies everywhere. (Yes, I am now completely paranoid and do believe the Wheelie Bin Brigade are out to get me.)

Lisa, you are as soppy as I am.

John - The story of Reidski and I at the Swinger's Party will be forthcoming, although I can not completely guarantee the veracity of such a tale. ;-)