Friday, November 02, 2007

The stars of the show

Probably time to draw a line under my trip to South Africa although you will have to excuse the occasional lapse into "When I was in South Africa blah blah."

I have come away with an enhanced appreciation of wildlife and have found myself paying much more attention to our native trees, plants, birds and wildlife than was the case before I left. I think in particular the trip has got me interested in birds, although I don't suppose I am likely to spot four different varieties of eagle round here as I actually did last week.

I am also more aware of how dangerous animals can be. We were told the most dangerous on the reserve to humans were probably the buffalo and the hippos which kill more humans than any other South African animal, but a ranger was killed there four years ago by a crocodile. His dog got into trouble in the river, and he tried to rescue it...unfortunately that was the last thing he ever did. Our ranger told us the only animals which hunt humans as natural prey are crocodiles and polar bears. (We saw the former, but oddly enough - not the latter.)

So here are a few more pics of some of the animals I saw. There were many others - rhino, hippos, wildebeest, a serval which was rare and far too camera shy to stick around and pose, a white tailed mongoose, monitors, various types of antelope, tortoise, turtles, LOADS of different frogs and toads (noisy buggers they were), and we did see a croc too. And I can't believe I haven't already mentioned this but I held a bloody great big millipede - bravest moment of my life!

Sorry to have gone on at such length, but it really was an experience of a life time.




cookie monster said...

i dont think hes telling the truth in the penultimate picture, in fact, i think hes Lion.


JoeinVegas said...

Well, when I was in South Africa . . .

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Hurrah for the elephant video - now where is there a pile of dust I can toss over my shoulder with my "trunk"?
When I was in South Africa... I dined on mince and slices of quince which I ate with a runcible spoon...

J.J said...

Hee hee Cookie.

Joe - tell me more, tell me more.

YP - and I want to know all about your trip there too. South Africa is positively my favourite subject right now...seeing as how the Cobblers lost yesterday.