Friday, November 09, 2007


I am sure that somewhere in my blogging past I have already reproduced some of the jokes from Mark Billingham books. For anyone who doesn't know, Billingham was a stand up comedian but now concentrates on writing crime novels about a detective called Tom Thorne. During the series of books an underlying theme is about Tom's relationship with his dad Jim. At first it is about his guilt that he doesn't see him as much as he should, then his feelings when his very bright father is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Two books ago his dad dies in an accident which is probably related to his condition. Now Tom is haunted by his dad in his dreams as he deals with his grief and loss.

I finished Buried last night. Part of the stuff about Tom and his dad have made me cry, but last night a dream that is recalled in the book just made me laugh. So here for a Friday morning are the jokes his dad was telling him about Alzheimer's:

"Do you know they have spent more money on developing viagra than they have on research into Alzheimer's?"
"That's terrible."
"You're telling me. I'm walking round with a permanent stiffy and i can't remember what I'm supposed to do with it."

"Alzheimer's wasn't all never have to watch repeats on TV, you can hide your own easter eggs, and you are always meeting new friends."


JoeinVegas said...

I love coming here and reading your stuff, it at times is so amusing.

Oh, read it again, it's still funny.
I love coming here and - oh, already said that.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I just got to the comment box but I can't remember what you wrote...

Pixie said...

it's great to be able to laugh sometimes at the bleakest things.
Black humour works every time for me.

J.J said...

Joe and YP - I think we all recognise the fear of memory loss!

Pixie - I do think it is therapeutic to find humour in such subjects.