Wednesday, November 07, 2007


As opposed to our match last Saturday, last night's match was one upon which I do not care to dwell. The men who were playing in our strip looked exactly the same as the 11 who started the game against struggling Bristol Rovers, but the difference was that this 11 could not play football. We were bloody awful and deserved what we got - we got beat. It didn't help my evening that I took along three Rovers supporters.

This week I have been an initially rather reluctant participant on a three day diversity and heritage course ( I had too much to do in the office to be able to spare three days going over stuff I thought I already knew). However I have to admit it has been excellent, and not only because one lunch was great Bangladeshi food, and another was even better Caribbean nosh. I often work with people who have been adopted into families that do not reflect their own ethnicity, and have frequently felt helpless as to how to help them deal with issues around their sense of identity, but the course has really helped.

One thing we had to do as an early exercise was to get into groups - I was with one white guy, a Bangladeshi woman, a Chinese woman and an African Caribbean woman. We had to produce a list of words used to describe people whose ethnic background is not white British. The words that we listed were mainly vile - although we had also to identify words which are not offensive - but whilst I hated the unacceptable terms we came up with as a white woman hearing them they are not directed at me. To be with a mixed racial group, the majority of whom would have felt the hatred behind such words personally was a very uncomfortable feeling indeed. How papers like the Daily Mail manage to make 'Politically Correct' such an insult is beyind me. Isn't it actually about simple humanity towards others?

On a lighter note Reidski came up to see me on Monday. I think we just laughed all evening. He's my best friend as well as the person I happen to be very much in love with.One thing we discussed was how a rock star avoids becoming a total prat. Most fail to avoid this as evidenced here,
and here, and here, and oh good grief - you don't even want to go here.

There was one person who we both agreed had not only avoided becoming a prat but had achieved a god like status, but if he hasn't yet seen the folly of this goatee I may have to revise my view.



badgerdaddy said...

I got all excited about the last link and it doesn't work. Humph.

And I couldn't even see Sting's cock. It's not a good start to the day.

John said...

No! No! No! Bowie is the biggest dog's cock of them all, as evidenced by his kneeling recitation of the Lord's Prayer at Live Aid. I could not conceive of any gesture more cynical and teeth-grindingly crass on a day that was already minging with false piety.

Pixie said...

I'm with John on this one!

I went on an amazing equality and diversity course recently really opened my eyes. And I thought I was fully aware... Huh!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I can now see why fishermen slang includes the term a "Robbie Williams" to describe a fresh maggot.

J.J said...

Badger daddy - consider yourself fortunate amongst men if you couldn't open that particular link.

John - he did WHAT?????? Oh no, oh no, oh no. Why do they always bloody well let us down in the end?

Hiya Pixie - I had the same reaction to my course.

YP - yes, it suddenly all makes sense.

Reidski said...

Shit, completely forgot about that Live Aid bollocks - yes, what a horrendous gig that was. But, hey ...

... apart from Live Aid and that goatee, what's Bowie ever done wrong?

John said...

ha ha ha.

hee hee hee.

I'm the Laughing Gnome and you can't catch me.

Nuff said.

Martin said...

Not to mention the nazi salute he did at Victoria Station in 1976.

Reidski said...

The Laughing Gnome was post-modern irony before anyone had even heard the term before.

And that wasn't a nazi salute at Victoria ... I think it was St Pancras. Actually, he was waving to someone! Well, so he says and I believe him.

Hey, JJ didn't even mention that even she looked rather surprised when I declared that I even liked Tin Machine!

John said...

It's okay, Reidski. It says at the link below that he wasn't a Nazi. he was a Buddhist.

So that's alright then. ;-)