Thursday, November 01, 2007

I bet

no one will ever notice I am at home ill again with sod all else to do.


cookie monster said...

jj, i dont know if you've noticed but someone has put a team picure of a 3rd division team at the top of your blog.

John said...

Bless. Get well soon.

Stop meddling. You'll go blind.

Pixie said...

Did you get your hair done or something. it looks different round here, but can't quite figure out what's changed!!!

J.J said...

Cookie - Ohmigod! How did that happen! (But such handsome young men.)

John - thank you,I feel much better already. And I will meddle no more. There is only so much luck I dare push anyway, in the not totally fucking the blog up stakes.

Pixie, I am subtle as a ton of bricks so no wonder you are slightly unsure about what has changed :-)