Friday, August 03, 2007

In which I am a bit of a bitch.

I know this couple in our village. He was a widower with two children when he met her. He was also the multi millionaire company boss – and she was the secretary. ‘True love’ ensued and they got married and had two more children, but her first love was alcohol, and on one of her trips to our local equivalent of The Priory she met a manic depressive who swept her off her feet (as manic depressives are wont to do) and out of her marriage. This would be about four years ago now after a marriage lasting 9 years.

She remained in the village where her soon to be ex-husband bought her a house worth about £600,000 – no mortgage. One child went to live with her and the manic depressive, the other elected to stay with her dad.

The settlement was what you might call generous. In addition to the house, and staggered payments of £100,000 a time, she receives £2,000 a month. She has not worked since she married her former husband. She spends her time and money shopping. It is therefore little wonder that when I last saw her she said how much she needed a holiday. I am not quite sure how I resisted asking her ‘From what?’ Anyway, she is now on the much needed holiday in Jamaica (Altogether now – “No, she went of her own accord!”)

I have to say I do sometimes feel very sorry for men. And I also feel that some women are money grabbing lazy sods.…I might of course feel very differently if I had married and divorced a multi millionaire.

Reidski and I are off on holiday tomorrow. If anyone really does need a holiday it is Reidski after the terrible time he has had these past few weeks. It has been difficult to look forward to it because the funeral of the third person to die who he was so close to was this morning.

We had planned to go to the Highlands of Scotland, but we are in fact going to Cornwall which is about as far away from where we had planned to go as could be managed on this island. I have a memory which I have tried and failed to wipe out of just how terrible driving to Cornwall is on a Saturday in August, but it will be worth it when we get there. IT WILL, IT WILL, IT WILL…says she desperately trying to also forget the weather forecast she has seen for the area predicting as it was heavy rain for both Sunday and Monday. (I bet there’s no sodding rain in Jamaica says she displaying just a touch of bitterness!)

We have four nights in Cornwall, (I had to correct a typo there having written ‘We have four night sin’ – Freudian slip or what?) and then one night in the Cotswolds before back to London for another two nights before real life intrudes again with me having to get back for (drum roll please)……..

Northampton Town verses Swindon. Yee Ha! The football season is back!!!!!

Before I sign off for the vacation though, something really nice.

I got this from my newest favourite blogger, Rilly Super, who for anyone who is seriously missing out by not reading her ‘Strife in the North’ is rilly, rilly hilarious. And any resemblance whatsoever to Wife in the North is purely coincidental. much as I do love a good piss take.

Many thanks Rilly, and I will spread the award onwards when I get back from not very foreign parts.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

‘We have four night sin’

Hee hee hee.

Enjoy - you deserve it. And you are SO not a bitca (Buffy joke there)

JoeinVegas said...

No rain in Vegas today, sodding or otherwise.

Is it time to get my hat back down?

Pixie said...

Have a fab hols, lots of sin/ sun and sex should do it.

Shooting Parrots said...

It will be good weather, I promise.

Always when I'm stuck with a lawn to mow!

Bloody hell though! A 15 point lead over Leeds before you kick a ball? And you don't play 'em until January. You could be home and hosed by then!

C'mon you Cobblers!

timesnewroman said...

Fill him up with Pasties, Cornish Beer and don't forget afternoon tea with scones and jam and cream and tea, before going for more beer. Yous'll love it I'm sure, even if the weather isn't brilliant.

Gill said...

MEOW! Let's face it, the woman is probably not as happy as you are- even with all that money she's an alchoholic who has spent time in major therapy and lives with a manic depressive...and maybe jamaica will be hit by a freak storm :-) Have fun in Cornwall- it is magical there whatever the weather and you are in lurve!

Nat said...

Grr, now I'm all homesick again.

It's so hard living in the land of eternal sunshine!!

Cornwall will be absolute bliss and exactly what you two need. I hope you frequent the pubs of Looe for they are very Cornish!

Oooh and try and stop off at the Highwayman Inn on Dartmoor. It's worth it if only for the scrumpy and the stuffed animal room!

rilly super said...

have a super holiday JJ, but before you go you couldn't email me that divorced multi-millionaire's number could you dear...

Moo said...

*Eat lots of yummy pasties
*Have tea and scones
and most importantly laugh at the funny Cornish people!!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Well I guess you are back from your hols in Cornwall and the Cotswolds. Hope you had a nice time and that the weather was kind to you.

Gill said...

oh dear Jamaica was hit by a freak storm...

J.J said...

Gill, I know I shouldn't laugh at that but....