Monday, August 20, 2007

Absolute bloody final post on the week away I promise

I mean - I am back at sodding work as of today and still haven't finsihed this. Yes, I know I could give it up as last week's news, but it makes a nice change to have something other than football to waffle on about.

So I give you in quick succession - Painswick, known as The Queen of the Cotswolds (I repeat - of The Cotswolds)which is just ridiculously pretty.

Upper Slaughter and Lower Slaughter...

Woodstock, and finally - which was quite good going for one day doncha think - Windsor.

Friday was spent sunbathing in Greenwich Park, and that was the ace week that was.

I know we all say this, but if only it wasn't for our unreliable climate, Britain is a wonderful place for a holiday. For such a small island we have so many beautiful and contrasting areas. Stunning coast, rolling hills, the endless flatness of the Fens, lakes and lochs, mountains and moors, and great towns and cities. Use of local stone making villages only a few miles apart look completely different. And we are also awfully nice folk who understand the importance of a nice cup of tea and a scone.
Enough already!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Your last paragraph says so much truth and to all those treacherous miseryguts who desert our fair land for apartments in Fuengirola and rural idylls in Provence, I say stuff you all! This is England and it's a bloody fine country and that does NOT make me recruiting fodder for the BNP!

J.J said...

YP - I relaly don't get why anyone would bother with an apartment in Fuengirola, although do have a certain sympathy for the rural idylls in Provence, but that is because I am a terrible snob! But we know how special our countryside is.