Thursday, August 23, 2007

If it's Thursday it must be results day

For the second week running I have woken up with a strong sense of foreboding.

Last week D got his A/S Level results. If I tell you that his father was planning to take him down the job centre last Thursday afternoon it may be noted hopes were not high.

In the event the best I can say about them is that they weren't as bad as feared and he will be going back to school, but not to do any more maths. He should never have been doing maths A Level in the first place, but that was the result of 5 years not working as hard as he should have done, and although he ended up with 10 GSCE's in B and C grades, his A Level options were narrowed as he hadn't excelled in anything. Basically one of his B grades was in Maths and so he went for that and failed quite spectacularly. He is still on to get the grades he needs to go to the colleges he is interested in, but he really does have to pull his finger right out to do it.

Of course, everyone else's kids did brilliantly last week, and I have spent much time producing my 'sincere congratulations' responses. It reminded me of when D was a toddler and flatly refusing to learn to talk having worked out that all he had to do to get results was point to what he wanted and his devoted mum would provide. Meanwhile, every other child of comparable age appeared to be fluent in five different languages. And he was the last one to walk. Always was a lazy sod.

It didn't help either that we were subjected on TV and radio to the annual 'record results achieved at A Level' news. Not in this household they weren't! By contrast this morning there seems to be some kind of debate going on about 'How is it 40% of kids are leaving school at 16 without 5 good GSCE's?' I really should turn that radio off.

I kind of hoped that J, seeing D's GSCE results, would work really hard this past year to make sure he didn't end up in the same position. However........

J announced last night he would go into school to get the results about 11. ELEVEN????!!!! Because he doesn't want to get up in what in teenage speak is 'early'. Never mind how his poor mother will be suffering in the meantime. If I know what we are up against I can deal with's the not knowing I find so difficult.

It is going to be a long day.


Moo said...

Good luck...I hope J does well! I phoned my bro early this morning, thinking he would still be in bed (8.15) he was awake, said he couldnt sleep and was nervous about results!! Ha! Anyway...he managed to get all above C grade for everything (11 exams) although disappointed that he only got a 'B' in Maths (which I think is amazing!) but think this has given him the push he needs to work hard at A Levels if he wants the results! once again Good luck!!

Yorkshire Pudding said...
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JoeinVegas said...

Could you please give an uneducated American a brief description of what the A levels are? I'm assuming they are a series of national tests used by colleges and universities to decide who to let in. Similar to our SAT exams. Yes?

Pixie said...

my youngest has got into 6th form thank goodness, but not by doing any work as his results reflect... what a bloody waste of a brain... just hope that 6th form helps him understand that he actually has to do something other than go out, drink cider and MSN... but why should he change now he's been like this since a toddler.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I hope J's results were pleasing. What does the J stand for anyway? As your real name is Griselda, I am guessing that J stands for either Jeremy or Jamiroquai. By the way I am writing this at work (school) during my hols where I have been checking our GCSE results from the other side of the fence... And I conclude - what's best? The rope or a couple of jars of paracetamol?