Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back home


I have been kept fully occupied since I got back from my wonderful week with Reidski in which Sun, Sea and Sex all featured. More details to follow - whether or not that includes any details on the sex depends upon how drunk I am at time of writing :-) (yes, anything to increase my stats!) - but before I shoot off to meet an old school friend who is over from her home in Norway for a few days - a picture of where we were staying for the first four days.

We were staying right on Watergate Bay, 4 miles out of Newquay, and it was stunningly beautiful.

*Deep sigh* cos we are not still there.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Oooh, a good shag by the seaside! Newquay is SUCH a lovely place. No wonder you are missing it - and Reidski - already.

Moo said...

I love Watergate Bay, spent many a school holiday down there! Sometimes I forget how lucky I am living in the westcountry! I knew you would have a fabby time! x

J.J said...

Oh Lisa - it was all wonderful!

Moo, you lucky lucky - um - Moo??!!