Thursday, August 30, 2007

A confession

Although my team have now played 5 times this season I have only seen them the once.

"Calls herself a supporter???!!!"

I know - it is shocking though I do have excuses. I didn't get back from holiday in time for our first match Our second league match was away at Brighton and we have to boycott them as it is over £20.00 to stand several miles away from the pitch. (Last time we were there our supporters had to ask their supporters to let us know if we scored. The pitch was so far away we would never have known otherwise). I was at a wedding that never was (see below) for our other home league match, and last night we played at Middlesborough but I had a better offer (from Reidski). The one match I did see was against my beloved's beloved Millwall in the Carling Cup which we won, but league wise, although reports of our play are quite positive, we still only have one point from a possible 9. We also lost in the cup last night, but according to these highlights we didn't disgrace ourselves against Premiership opposition. We are still seven league points ahead of Leeds though :-)

So last night's better offer included watching Celtic in Reidski's local. Before I knew him I had a sterotypical view of London as a big city where no one knew anyone. He has rather changed that opinion by appearing to know everyone in his area. I like the fact that he can walk into the pub and greet half a dozen people before he even gets as far as the bar.It was an exciting match, and was not settled until literally the last kick of the match when Spartak Moscow failed to convert their fifth penalty. The place erupted as though Celtic had just won the Champions League, as opposed to just scrapping through to the knock out stages of the competition. And I found myself getting snogged by a big lass called Sandra. Reidski would have rescued me, but as I say - she was a very big lass.

Anyway, I shall miss no more home matches. As for the away matches, we have Orient away on Saturday. They currently have 9 points from a possible 9. Do I want to ruin my weekend by going to watch us get stuffed by the league leaders I wonder? Reidski dearest, do you fancy a match this weekend? Don't invite Sandra though.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Did Sandra do tongues? Sounds like Reidski will have his work cut out to keep you on-side. Even now Big Sandra is probably pining for you. That's what they're like down in London... it's just a giant den of iniquity.

Messalina said...

I still don't understand how all this is a more enticing prospect than visiting Middlesbrough.

cookie monster said...

JJ, if you were a Gills fan, at least youd enjoy missing the games!


Reidski said...

I'm on for tomorrow darling - and I'm just off down the pub to see if Sandra is free!

J.J said...

yP - I think Sandra loves me.

Messalina - I realise there is a 'certain attraction' there for you.

Tony, at least you now have a league win to your name. We still don't.

Reidski - Thank god for No Sandra!

badgerdaddy said...

Bloody hell, I haven't seen my team play in... Years. And at home? Over 10 years.

I am shocking. The last time I saw them at home, I saw Mark Hughes' last professional hat-trick...

J.J said...

Hi Badger Daddy - thanks for dropping in.
A Mark Huges hat trick eh? Not that WAS rather a long time ago.