Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh dear

I read that Gail Trimble,Captain Incredible of the winners of this year's University Challenge has turned down the opportunity to do a 'tasteful' photo shoot for Nuts magazine. Does she have no idea what is required in order to succeed in our country today?

Clearly she is in urgent need of assistance from Mr Max (slime ball) Clifford. (3,382)


Brom said...

Interestingly I knew nothing about her until about 6.30 last night when I glanced at a newspaper, then I saw her on U-Challenge by chance. Now she's everywhere. I read that she's been branded "Thinking mans Crumpet", she's sort of nice looking but not in the same league as Ms. Voderman. IMHO.

Good luck to her.

Darren said...

Good final.

I'm somewhat perplexed by the wave of hate that has come her way.

Karen said...

I missed the final as I was doing an online grocery shop. I have also been blissfully unaware of the media circus around her. Mainly due to the fact that I got a bit of a lie in this morning and I've been worrying about my mum and getting a root filling done today :(

John said...

Yer man from Manchester, Mr. Yeo, gave her a good run for her money last night, and having watched the whole series (AND answered far more answers correctly than Ms. Trimble*) it's clear that the questions are disproportionately biased in favour of literature and the classics.

I was rooting for the LSE all the way thru to the semis: One team member from Galway, one from Kildare, one from Dublin, and one from Cardiff. Now to be renamed Celtic University.

*Though not necessarily in the right order.

Jay said...

I heard about this! Hilarious!!

Why would people who watch a programme like University Challenge get all picky about her being too clever in the first place? And why did Nuts contact her brother instead of her?

Surely a brother's usual response to this kind of request on behalf of his sister would be an offer to knock the soliciting party's teeth down his throat?


J.J said...

Brom - she is certainly A Bit of Posh too, which I understand can be quite a turn on to you blokes.

Darren - it's horrible isn't it - for the sin of being too clever - whilst That Other Woman Who is In The News (the one that apparently got married at the weekend - you may have missed the low key coverage) is lauded for her ignorance.

Karen - hope both your mum and your tooth are doing well.

Yes John - if that Mr Yeo had won I expect he would have been contacted by Heat magazine about the chances of him getting his kit off.

The LSE has been infiltrated!!!!

I also answered more questions than Gail did and I think it is true to say my answers were far more creative (for which read my answers were of course wrong).

Jay - I believe her brother did the virtual equivalent of just that!

JoeinVegas said...

When will we see you on the program?

McManus said...

Never mind that. When will we see you in Nuts?

J.J said...

Joe - when they decided to play it for laughs.

McManus - coming soon to Nuts - JJ at 50 - a retrospective. Not for the faint hearted. You'll be fine!