Monday, February 23, 2009

In a supreme effort

NOT to mention Jade Goody and the quite hideous media circus that is currently surrounding her, it is with reluctance that I am forced to mention the shambles that is Northampton Town Football Club.

Our last six results comprise one victory and five defeats. We are relegation bound.

The first half on Saturday was interesting enough to make me think that maybe train spotting does have some merit as an alternative to football. I said as much in a text to Reidski. The second half was worse. We went one down to a very poor Walsall with only about ten minutes to go. Why I did not leave at that moment is solely due to a sadly misplaced sense of loyalty to a bunch of players who obviously couldn't give a damn about the long suffering fans. The fourth official was the cause of wide spread groans when he signalled that there would be four minutes of injury time. "Haven't I suffered enough?" I asked in another text to Reidksi. "Obviously not" I continued in a further text timed two minutes later as they scored again.

Doomed, doomed I tell ya.

As is Jade Goody apparently.

My mother always told me that if one can't say anything good about a person one should not say anything at all. So I am sorry that a young mother is dying. As for the rest - still trying to keep quiet but it ain't easy.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Oh woe is me! I know the feeling. Look at Hull City. We haven't won in the league since the start of December and tonight we went down to Spurs. Mooooan! Moooooan!

J.J said...

I feel your pain mate.

Karen said...

See in you league two then JJ as I suspect we might be going daaahn then as well. Not surprising really when you sell your two best players.

J.J said...

Our best player got a three match ban last night Karen - that isn't going to help either :-(

marc said...

I wouldn't worry -- Spurs will drop before Cobblers! BTW, saw that Millwall is 4 in the table -- anyone you know want to speculate on their chances at re-entry into the Championship?