Friday, February 06, 2009

Stuck at home by the way

Loads more snow last night and it is still coming down as I type. I also have an extra teenage boy to feed as well because one came to stay the night on Wednesday and is consequently still stuck with us - poor lad. I am not saying I am being eaten out of house and home but this morning I was greeted with a no milk and a no bread situation. This morning I am extremely appreciative of my village shop even if I did blink quite hard at the cost of said essential items.

I'd ask you all to send food parcels but there is - for fairly understandable reasons - no post.


Moo said...

They've closed the A38!! I'm meant to be driving back to Plymouth tomorrow morning, I hope its re-opened otherwise I'm stuck in Norwich!

The snow in Northampton is crazy! Cant believe you've had so much and it came after I left - thankfully!!

Reidski said...

But, Moo, look on the good side ... it might mean you get to miss the crappy Keane!

Jennyta said...

Do you get lots of teenage boys turning up at your house to be fed then?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Survival is all. If supplies get dangerously low, I suggest some burglary late at night in your cutesy Northants village. Some nearby pantries and fridges will no doubt be bulging with grub. Get your son and his mate on the job but you will have to knit them a couple of balaclavas in double quick time.

Brom said...

Nearly got stuck at Heathrow on the way out last week, and then again on my return!! Then I found out I missed out on two "free" days off work thanks to the snow!

I'll lob some bread in your general direction.

Gill said...

It's just starting to snow here, we had virtually nothing last week so I'm getting a bit excited! I might even have to use the litre of UHT milk I bought in December when I dreamed it would be a hard winter, sadly the Universal Ladyboy was not specific about the location of the snow, the little minx.

J.J said...

Moo - glad you got back safely in the end.

Reidski - that would NOT be good!

Jenny - short answer to that one is 'Yes!' I am obviously seen as a soft touch. He went home eventually on Saturday saying he had not had so much good food for ages. No wonder my freezer is so empty!

YP - good thinking mate! Clickety clack go my knitting needles.

Brom - not a great week for travelling anywhere.

Gill - how much I did wish last week that I had had the foresight to get in some long life milk...I need to borrow your Ladyboy - obviously he/she does come in handy from time to time.