Monday, February 09, 2009

I know

it probably counts as lazy blogging to mention google hits, but I do feel I need to apologise to the person who came here following a search for 'My favourite programme is Top Gear.' I guess however that when he clicked on the link and found himself reading about 'Strictly Come Dancing' he might have worked it out for himself that he had been somewhat misdirected.

Yes - I am kind of assuming the searcher was male.

For the record, Top Gear is right up there with my Least Favourite programmes - and I actually manage to dislike Clarkson even more since his remarks in Australia last week that I can't even bring myself to repeat.

I just googled myself by the words 'Jeremy Clarkson tosser' and very satisfying it was to find


Moo said...

They were AMAZING!!!!

I am still buzzing and my ears are still ringing!! Glad you enjoyed your voicemail! xxx

J.J said...

I am so glad you enjoyed it so much Moo. They are amazing - no matter what my other half says!
And I keep returning to my saved voice mail - thank you!

marc said...

Not to worry, m'dear -- them wot know you know how you feel about Monsieur Clarkson. Was extremely disturbed once to see a preview showing Helen Mirren turning up on the show. Absolutely mad for the woman & couldn't work out why she would do the show. The comments under that article were priceless.

J.J said...

Hi Marc - I especially liked this comment : ‘If you can’t say something nice about a person, don’t say anything.’ Unless it’s him.

Miss jane said...