Friday, February 13, 2009


Can anyone tell me what a Google Reader is?


Skuds said...

It is what I use to read your posts.

When I log into it, it displays all the new posts from blogs that I follow. I don't need to visit them to see if there is anything new.

Its brilliant, and really easy to use - give it a go.

Gill said...

of course you could google it to find out!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

A Google Reader is a person who does a search on Google and then reads the search results. It's not rocket science Griselda!

Jay said...

It's a new reader thingie, isn't it?

J.J said...

Thanks Skuds. So it just stays on your system then? Sounds good.

Gill - sadly I did try but didn't understand what the links were trying to tell me. I am so useless with technical stuff.

YP - not so hot on the basics either am I? ;-)

Thanks Jay - you are talking my langauge!