Monday, October 02, 2006

Queen of Hearts (deceased) v Queen With No Heart.

Blimey. They are a little bit on the emotionally retarded side our dear old House of Windsor.

This film - 'The Queen' - happily confirmed all my worst prejudices about The Family Royal. Philip to Queen on the morning of The Crash - "I've just had your sister on the phone. She says Diana is even more annoying dead than she was when she was alive."

Alistair Campbell to Tony Blair as his ratings rocket following his words on The Death of Di - "People's Princess! You owe me mate!"

Worth watching for the expression on Philip's face alone when hearing Elton John would be singing at the funeral.

And strange strange strange remembering that bizarre week when the world seemed to take leave of their collective senses (apart from the flower seller in Milton Keynes shopping mall who set up a photo of Di ten yards from his stall, sold memorial bouquets, watched them being placed by the photo, and then (presumably) fetched them back to sell them over again).

I have had a lovely day with Reidski. Whilst being apart from him is rubbish maybe it does make the times we have together more special. Or maybe being with him is just special full stop. And I must stop with the Mills and Boon rubbish and return to my re-reading of Jane Eyre as inspired by the current BBC series.Click here for gratuitous glimpse of Toby Stephens.) I had forgotten how funny some of this book is, eg when Jane who has had a somewhat sheltered life first encounters Mr Rochester following his fall from his horse - (I asked)"Are you injured sir?" I think he was swearing, but I am not certain; however he was pronouncing some formula which prevented him from relying to me directly.

Over and off to bed.


Steve said...

Fortunately for me "that bizarre week" was spent in a tent in France. I missed all of it and it made me wonder if God actually DID exist on account of the fact that it would have driven me round the bend if i had been at home. Only an all-seeing Deity could have arranged it. Surely?

I listened to radio4 in the tent - Dimbelby telling me that "the people of France" were mortified, awestruck and poleaxed by the thought of the "People's Princess" popping her clogs on their hallowed turf.

Well, I was there and, believe me nobody appeared to give a bugger about it.

She died the night we left home and by the time we came back it was all over.

Thank you.

J.J said...

Steve, lucky lucky you! It was surreal.

Arthur Clewley said...

I was moving house when the funeral happened and it was a bloody nuisence because everything was closed all morning.

the following year I was in the paris marathon, which went along the seine and through le tunnel du pont de l'alma. At the start this fact was announced and some words said about dedicating the race to diana and there was a very loud boo from the crowd. Our sans culotte cousins have a different approach to royalty.

I must see that film. I think HM ( Helen Mirrem ) is briiliant

J.J said...

Yes Arthur, you really should see it. Ms Mirren is fab.

SimonHolyHoses said...

I'm sure Rochester is losely based on Lord Byron. Is there something about a big dog and a limp? Can't remember. Just seem to remember thinking "that's Lord Byron" when I read it.

Dutchcloggie said...

WHen Di died I was just having a massive row with my then girlfriend. I had told her to leave the house and I would never talk to her again! As she was in the shower, ready to leave, I switched the TV on. I ran downstairs and yelled: Diana is dead! She turned and said: I thought you were never talking to me again?

We forgot all about the fight after that. So Diana saved my relationship :)

The film is great. It makes Philip look like a total tosser (and Campbell as well). The queen just looks lost and confused and I felt quite sorry for her actually. Made Charles look quite positive as well. And Blair.

Mirren was fabulous as usual. Bring on the Oscar!

J.J said...

Hello Dutchcloggie - thank you for visiting.

Well obviously Di was indeed a saint - continuing her good deeds even after death!

I loved the film too.