Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Public service post

You didn't know you needed some of these, but you do! How very convenient for the cook in a hurry not to have to go to all that trouble of putting on the grill and cooking the fish fingers that old fashioned way. Far better to pop them in a bag and then into the toaster. Five minutes later - up they pop, toasted fish fingers. wonderful. The bags can also be used for burgers and oven chips. I predict that thanks to this labour saving device the oven will soon be appearing in a museum near you.

I do love receiving my Betterware catalogue which is a source of endless amazement. How for example, have I lived so long without this cracker keeper, which not only helps avoid the scourge of broken crackers but is also, according to the catalogue, useful for biscuits.

I am tempted by the bra extender which is available in white, but I bet not in the exact shade of grey-white my bras that no longer fit tend to have gone.

And as for this gorgeous jewellery holder? Well at least the mystery of where on earth my in-law's used to get my Christmas presents from is now solved.


Laura said...

And I thought I was the only one drooling over catalogues that supposedly make my life easier.

Now on the bra extender and the grey/white underwear, surely you have chucked these out when Reidski appeared on the scene?

Jim said...

Reminder. Must not let Mrs TNR see this post. She will want these things and only when she has them and used them will she realise that she has been seduced by the marketing genius who has persuaded her that she needs this shite.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Do I detect a certain tongue-in-cheek mockery here?
You're right. So much unnecessary shit is produced with so much unnecessary packaging, associated with unnecessary transport costs - proving that people in high places don't really give a shit about the environment - they allow greedy capitalists to keep on producing such rubbish and besides bras restrict natural movement! They need banning! All in favour say Ay! (29 million male hands go up).

J.J said...

Hi Laura. They promise the earth and cost £2.99. That makes me suspicious! And Reidksi is in blissful ignorance regarding my grey/white underwear collection!

Ooops! sorry Jim!

YP, a very right on post, let down everso slightly by your closing point :-)

SimonHolyHoses said...

There is a factory in Skegness that makes all sorts of wonderfull devices all named "Classy xxxxxx" where xxxxxx is something like "cutter".

They're plastic and funny, and their TV adverts in the 80s were the height of "tack" but the company is still going.

I applaud them!