Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lines you never expect to hear.

"You can't put your shoe on with a palate knife."

Fiona's husband in disbelief yesterday morning at her actions with a palate knife when she couldn't find a shoe horn.

I was round their house on Friday night. I got locked in the loo but I am over that trauma now.

We ended up trying to complete a quiz sheet and we are now stuck so can anyone help?

It is one of those that goes for example - 5 E in a P (answer 5 Events in a Pentathlon). Out of 100 questions there are four more to get. there were five but I am very proud as I just got this one - 23 P for a SCS. Answer in comments.

Can anyone suss out the following -

0 T.
303 B of a LER.
30 US at S.
1 AN for H.


J.J said...

23 Pence for a Second class Stamp.

The Moy said...

This is one of those English tricks, right, one of those British Isle puzzles invented specifically to make Americans feel stupid? Like Ulysses or Finnegan's Wake?

A line I never expected to say but have heard myself saying:

"Why is the parmesan in the dish drainer?"

J.J said...

One for you The Moy -

9 J on the SC. (I THINK that is an American based one)

And yes, why was the parmesan in the dish drainer??

Moo said...

I remember doing these at some school thing years ago, its far too early to rack my brains out but here's one for you...

57 V of H

crisiswhatcrisis said...

.303 Bore of a Lee Enfield Rifle. Sad, but true. You're probably going to think I'm some sort of creepy wierdo high school shooter now, but, mundanely, I was in the cadets at my posh school. I was a marksman with a .303. I was quite proud at the time.

The Moy said...

Why was the parmeson in the dish drainer?

"I washed it. It looked funny to me," was my husband's response. So of course, it made sense that he'd set it in the dish drainer to dry off.

This is what comes of introducing Reggiano parmesan bought from my favorite cheese shop without an instruction manual to a man who'd been using Kraft cheese from a cardboard green can all his life.

At least he didn't use soap or grate it first.

J.J said...

Moo, varieties of Heinz??

Crisis, that explains the Jack Reacher addiction :-) and thanks - I bet no one else gets that one!

The Moy - he washed the cheese?? Now that IS unusual!