Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I was playing one of my albums over the weekend when my sister was round. Owing to being the single parent of a 9 year old girl she is firmly of the opinion that all new music is rubbish, but that is because it is only the rubbish that her daughter inflicts on her. Sometimes I really do have cause to appreciate my teenage sons who introduce me to some great music, though admittedly my daughter's musical tastes are pretty atrocious.. Anyway, my sister liked this particular album very much (The Killers first one) and announced I could get her a copy for Christmas.

The very next day she left me the world's longest voice mail which I would like to copy word for word to demonstrate that my sister leaves the most involved and detailed voice mails of anyone living, but I am aware the rest of us all have lives to be getting on with so I won't go on about it for anymore than the 66 words I have already used up on this subject. Cut down to the bare bones (as you know, I abhor waffle of any description and never go on at length when brevity is called for) she said 'I already bought that album and thought I had better tell you straight away in case you were about to get it.' WHAT?! Is it Christmas Eve already and no one told me?

My sister has known me a VERY long time. Why she thought I might break the habit of a life time and buy a Christmas present in the first week of October I really don't know.


Reidski said...

Surely the words "Christmas presents" should be banned before November!!
But, talking of Christmas, three years in a row I done the bulk of my presents' shopping on Christmas Eve in Oxford Street - as you know, I'm mentally deranged!

Martin said...

Whereas I work on the basis "if I've not bought you a present by the end of November then you're getting nowt this year!"

SimonHolyHoses said...

Well, they put up the xmas lights in Dorset in July don't they.

Being a bloke though I would especially have to agree that anything more than a note on the door of the petrol station on the way home on 24th December is very premature when it comes to presents.

J.J said...

Reidski, Xmas Eve on Oxford Street would be my idea of hell.

Martin, I have tried that too, but will always be hit by the guilt when someone I haven't bought for turns up with something for me or the kids - every year I end up doing some very last minute shopping.

Simon, is that really true about Dorset? Ohmigod! And you do demonstrate true bloke Xmas present buying style :-)

SimonHolyHoses said...

I think it was Dorset. They have since apologised and explained that it was something to do with their contractor being unavailable nearer the time and needing to do repairs on the building where they store the decorations so they decided to kill two birds with the one unseasonal stone.

Xmas and birthdays are times of terror for most men. I often have a complete imagination failure when it comes to translating "oh I can't think of anything that I want" into fact.