Sunday, October 22, 2006

Slush alert - avert eyes anyone with a sensitive stomach

I am sorry about this. I do, believe it or not, try not to go on too much about how happy I am when I am with Reidski. This is quite difficult. For one thing, it still overwhelms me that I met a blogger I had such a girly crush on - never mind that we then fairly instantly fell in love when we did meet. And for another thing, we really do have such good times together I feel the constant urge to go on and on about it, but that would be the shortest route to ensuring I would have as many vistors here as I have just seen had a look at my former blog last week - i.e. no visitors whatsoever. It would be really really tedious.

Quite impressive actually to see these statistics on the site meter -

visits for week ending October 21st - 0
average visits per day - 0
page views for week ending October 21st - 0

and much more in the same vein!

Thus I realise I take a risk in saying the following but I plough on regardless. I remember reading about Reidski's 40th birthday, and a year later I was still reading his stuff when he had his 41st birthday. On both occasions I wanted to e-mail him and say - well, say what exactly? That was always the sticking point. I wanted to say 'something' to him, but ran the huge risk of making myself look like a deranged stalker type woman. 'Hi, you don't know me but will you go out with me?' Yeah, I can see how effective that would have been - had I wanted to scare him half to death. Oh dear though, on reflection that was pretty much exactly what I did end up saying to him when I was eventually offered a reasonable excuse to e-mail him. Moving right on....I can hardly believe that on his 42nd birthday, I was out with him and a group of his work mates before going back to his flat and spending three very special days with him.

Lisa who we met with Cloud for a drink or three in London on Saturday very sweetly says that Reidski and I are a blogging success story. I certainly think we are a happy blogging story. Life is full of surprises. I never expected to fall in love with a stroppy ex-communist when he wrote about his drunken scooter accident. (For clarification - that is a scooter as played on by children - not a motorised adult type one.) OK, maybe I did need to actually meet him before I could really say I was in love with him, but the feelings I had for him long before we met were very powerful. Weird seeing as how I had absolutely no idea what he looked like. Before we did actually meet he sent me a photo so I would know what he looked like which turned out to be a picture of someone from the Planet of the Apes. Then he told me people said he looked like George Graham, and I suppose he does a bit, but I think he looks like Kevin Spacey, although they do say love is blind! Anyway, anyway, anyway - all this stupid unfocussed rambling is just by way of saying I have had a wonderful few days with a wonderful man, and I am a very lucky woman.

I promise to get back to waffling on about something more significant next time - like the Cobblers magnificent 1-1 draw at Brighton for example, although with apologies to Steve, I am tempted by the subject of Man City's abject performance yesterday which managed to get no fewer than 8 of their players into the Observers 'Flops of the Day' team in todays paper. Quite impressively bad by all accounts. It could be worse Steve - you could support West Ham!


Steve said...

Wigan is definitely a NO GO area!

*Stares into the middle distance and contemplates life in the Championship with a 48,000 seater stadium......*

Anxious said...

You're allowed to be slushy once in a while. ;)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Slushy is good!

Arthur Clewley said...

don't knock zero hits JJ, no worries about spellings, no comments to answer and nobody looking for a row. As regards being slushy, reading your descriptions of reidski I think I might be starting to fancy him myself. Sounds like you had a very nice weekend and must look out for that band playing around these parts

John said...

How many times do you have to be told: Don't blog when you're drunk!

marc said...

"It could be worse Steve - you could support West Ham!"

Or better if you follow Spurs. Result! Yes!

greavsie said...

Ohh, I survived a slushy post! ;-)

David Duff said...

I know exactly what you mean:

"I wanted to say 'something' to him, but ran the huge risk of making myself look like a deranged stalker type woman. 'Hi, you don't know me but will you go out with me?'"

Lisa has suffered with the same inhibition since that happy day when I first stumbled into her blog but she lacks your courage. I live in hopes (but for God's sake don't tell the little 'Memsahib').

Incidentally, your adoration of 'Reidski' gives hope to all knobbly-kneed, thin-legged, semi-balding ex-communists everywhere. Bless!

The Moy said...

I have a term for the difficulty of putting strong emotions into words -- "riding the elephant." Riding an elephant is a magnificent, wonderful experience, but if you have a picture taken of it, you often look ridiculous in the photograph perched up there on that huge thing. Not many people can do it gracefully.

Thus, we have heartfelt expressions of emotions that often look deceptively cheesy, like the flowers left in front of Buckingham palace after Lady Di's death. The fact that the expression of is clumsy does not make the emotion any less genuine or worthy of respect.

At our wedding reception I felt that way when I tried to make a graceful thank you speech and describe how I felt about my husband. I faced the same problem when recording his proposal in my diary.

Never mind that you feel silly sitting way up there on that elephant. Enjoy the ride, express your thanks for it, and cherish the experience. You're lucky to have it.

J.J said...

OK Steve - definitely no mention of Wigan 4 - Man City 0. No, none whatsoever.

Thanks Anxious, but I will ration it.

Lisa, you are as bad as I am!

Arthur, no inadvertently offending weirdo's either. Something you and I have both experienced...not nice :-( DEFINITELY recommend the band should thye venture northwards in your direction.

John - good point well made! It was indeed a 'late night' ramble;-)

Marc - are the good times back again?

Medal for Greavsie for survival in the face of adversity!

David - always a pleasure.

The Moy, you are right, and thank you. Ridingthe elephant is a good description - not that he is fat or anything. Errh, best if I leave it there I think!

Gill said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw lurve is lovely! Celebrate it!!

Moo said...

U both deserve to be happy, I like a bit of mushy slushy stuff!!

Darren said...

You're a soppy bastard as well.*

Brilliant to read that you;re so happy together.

*See comment on Reidski's blog. I'm not just being gratuitously insulting.

SimonHolyHoses said...

Good on the both of you!

Isn't it strange how you can have a feel for people through the veil of words alone?

Anyway, you both seem like proper good types to me, so I wish you both all the best.

J.J said...

Gill, Moo and Simon - thank you :-)

And Hello Darren. From what I hear you are not one to talk!