Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tempting, but no thanks

Or at least I hope that will be the reaction of fans of Michael Jackson who spent a ridiculous amount of money on a ticket for a show that ain't going to happen, to this 'once in a lifetime' offer.

"For the price of a ticket to see a show you can have a ticket NOT to see a show." FF's S.


Gill said...

It sounds like a sketch that Mitchell and Webb might do about a marketing department-
DM well the main act is dead, it's a real tragedy... so how do we turn that to our advantage'
RW I know, we'll sell the tickets!
DM What? Just sell the tickets? We can't do that!
RW I dunno they could be... a souvenier or something.
DM Do you think people will go for that? It seems a bit of a cheat. After all, people have paid to actually see Michael Jackson LIVE on stage.
They look at each other smile and nod.
in unison- yeah! Let's do it!

naldo said...

AEG are mos def a bunch o jokers but, sadly enough they'll probly scoop up on this yin. Thir's some right suckers oot there.

Havin been brought up on the Clash (and also bein skinto the noo), i set low limits on how much i'll pay for a gig. The Specials recent tour was too dear for me. Which was a worry. Gonna see them at T in the Park tho (freebie) so that's a bonus. I've aways thought New Order charge too much to see them live anaw. Kinda lose integrity in my eyes when they over charge.

Anyway, the idea of payin £150 to see Madonna or Michael Jackson is just plain obscene to me. But the idea of payin that to not see MJ is erm.....to get down wi the charts....BONKERS!

Thank you for lettin me get that off ma chest.

J.J said...

Gill - exactly my thoughts. You can just imagine that exact scenario being discussed and agreed on.

Naldo - you are very welcome to get anything off your chest here at any time mate! I hope you are wrong about AEG cleaning up on this blatant scam - but I am very much afraid you won't be.