Friday, June 26, 2009

You know that

something seriously weird is going on in the world when you hear the words:

"We interrupt this news broadcast to bring you the thoughts of Uri Geller."

I did not dream that. It genuinely did happen on a Radio 5 late night programme that was clearly struggling with the fact that a major news story had broken when they were totally unprepared to deal with it.

I remember hearing the first news of Elvis's death which on News at Ten was initially reported thus: "We have just heard that Elvis Presley is dead. Erhh, no he's not. Erhh. we have unconfirmed reports that Elvis Presley is dead." So that really cleared that up for the listening public.

And when in future years I am asked "Where were you Jane when you heard about the death of Michael Jackson?" I will instantly recall that I was attempting to have a wee in peace and quiet but failed due to my daughter's hysterical reaction upon learning of the news the modern way - via Facebook.

MJ is (was) only a few months older than me. I can still remember exactly how sweet he was singing about how 'Ben' had a friend in him. I wonder how many true friends he ever had in his lifetime?


naldo said...

When a bunch of us in the pub last night were texted about his death, we were strangely moved to drop all other chat and tell Michale Jackson tales.

Jacko wrote some great songs throughout my lifetime and he worked with Quincy Jones on 2 of the greatest pop lp's of all time.

THere's been a lot of bad stuff said and written about Whacko Jacko and none of us really know how true the stories were. Despite being world famous and exposed to all kindsa craziness from a very early age, there is absolutely no excuse if the worst things said about him were true. But as i said, none of us really know if they were.

In the long run, i'll probs only remember the musical legacy. And the fact that at the age of 17 i had to make all the soulboys and girls on our bus back to school from a trip abroad promsie not to tell my punk mates that i'd been grooving out to Off The Wall for a week. And they kept their promise.

It's a pisser he died so young and was apparently so unhappy. I bet your daughter's gutted.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

The news was unconfirmed when we went to bed last night: when I woke this morning after a fitful night's sleep Cloud said he'd woken in the night and had gone on the net - yes MJ was dead. I think that says something about the sort of public figure he was.

I too will want to remember the musical legacy more than anything else - Ooff the Wall and Thriller were astonishing albums (and remain so). But it still doesn't stop that performance at the Brits having been utterly ott on MJ's part.

And he's died way too young and with talent affected by the life he lived/was forced to live in the goldfish bowl.

Karen said...

I heard about it on the breakfast news this morning as I was eating said meal.

It's almost so surreal as not to believe it. If he did do all the things he is supposed to then, as naldo said, there's no excuse for it. But as well as thinking he's a very strange chap I felt sorry for him because his childhood (or lack of) and such fame must have warped him. I was never a huge MJ fan but I did love some of his songs when I was younger.

As I got older my taste in music changed and his songs got worse. I felt he'd lost it and felt increasingly sorry for him and weirded out by him in equal measure.

Bring on the conspiracy theories...

Steve said...

So...h'es 'brown bread' then? Or should that be 'white bread'? Either way he's toast.

Gill said...

He's obviously been dead for ages- you only had to look at him.

Anonymous said...

Never mind, Jane, even though we will cease to be the same age as Michael Jackson we will continue to be the same age as Madonna, for the time being ... and Paul Weller, of course.

J.J said...

Naldo - I am amazed to discover over the past few days just how much of MJ's music my daughter and her mates were into. She really was upset about it.

Lisa - I think less said soonest mended over that cring inducing performance at the Brits (good old Jarvis!)

Karen - those conspiracy theories are coming thick and fast as you predicted.

Steve - that could be the best MJ joke I have heard so far - thank you :-)

Gill - true enough the person behind that bizarre face could have been anyone at all.

Messalina - I rejoice in the knowledge that Madonna is older than me. Morrissey our age too - that's no bad!