Monday, June 22, 2009

An 'Oh my God' moment

As you know I live in the sticks. Therefore it is not every day that I am at the same house party as a comedy legend. Last Saturday however....

Reidski and I were at a party in Kentish Town. We had been there long enough to have knocked back more that one glass of champagne so my defences were not at their sharpest when I saw this man walk into the kitchen. You know when you look at someone and just know that you know them, but you can not place them? I had that moment - and was smiling in welcome at this familiar face approaching me and smiling back with what I now recognise must be a 'This is how I smile at complete strangers when they know who I am' sort of smile. It took me a little while for my brain to process the information that I was smiling at TRIGGER!!!!

I did talk to him later but as the subject was the difficulty of using a knife and fork to eat whilst standing up at a party I fear I may have failed to dazzle him with my own brand of wit and repartee.


naldo said...

That's flippin magic. Trigger's a bit of a hero. I hope he was a good lad and tittered appreciateively at your hilarious observations on cutlery, its use and misuse. Sounds like you move in mighty smooth social circles.

I was once at a ceilidh which was also attended by Trevor and Simon (aka the Sister Brothers). They seemed like good guys and i like to think they were impressed by my Dashing White Sergeant.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

This may surprise you Deirdre but Trigger was not real! It was just a part played by an actor called Roger Lloyd Pack. That is who you saw - not Trigger!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Hi, found my way here from God knows where! I love your attitude. The 360 degree post was ahoot - I hated doing that shite too! I live in south Northants so your comments about the Uni made me laugh - I do the OU - much better! I'll be back to read more. Imagine meeting Trigger though! I love that character.

Lucy said...

Did I ever tell you about bumping into June Whitfield in Golden Square and engaging her in conversation before realising that I didn't know her? I thought she must be a mother of a friend until it slowly dawned on me who she was. She was very nice and not at all fazed, unlike me.

J.J said...

Naldo _ I for oen woudl pay good money to see your Dashing White Sergeant.

YP - who on earth is this Roger Lloyd Pack of whom you speak? ;-)

Hiya MOB and welcome, welcome, welcome to a near neighbour. I 100% echo what you say about the OU. I did one qualification with them and the contrast is (struggles for tactful description) 'significant'.

Lucy! Is it you???? and no you didn't tell me but that is a great story!