Monday, June 08, 2009

It is

65 years since countless young men lost their lives on D-Day, defending Europe against the Nazis. Ironic then that on the weekend of that anniversary we send a couple of Nazis along to represent our country in the European Parliament.

The winning candidate for Yorkshire and Humberside Andrew Brons (A former leader of the National Front with a 40-year history in far-right politics) said that “Despite the misrepresentation, we have managed to win through.” However Nick Griffin, another winning candidate, and leader of the BNP says "We are not a racist party."

I would therefore say "In spite of the misrepresentation the Nazi scum have managed to win through."


Karen said...

Sadly in the northwest the British Nazi Party got two European seats. I voted but I would like to say in a very oud voice that I did not vote BNP. I am disgusted that so many people voted for them.

Karen said...

oops that should be "loud"

J.J said...

You did your bit Karen because you went out and used your vote.

Profoundly depressing isn't it?

Steve said...

It's a sad day for democracy when a party that only allows white members can be elected on the back of a liar's manifesto.

However..."experts insisted the BNP vote would disappear as soon as everyone could afford to go on holiday to Majorca again.

Professor Tom Logan, of Reading University, said: "Prolonged recessions do have a tendency to expose our inner racist fucknut, but it subsides once you get a new credit card."

J.J said...

Steve - Classic! Love it :-)

Karen said...

My friend put a good joke on her Facebook page - Nick Griffin complained about being pelted with eggs - he was upset that they hadn't separated the whites.

There is an online petition that can be signed which will be presented when the BNP take their seats in Europe. You can sign it here

Gill said...

well somebody voted for them and it wasn't me- although they are representing me. But we live in a democracy with a lot of inner racsist fucknuts apparently. Actually I think a lot of voters have an outer rascist fucknut.

J.J said...

I keep hearing Gill peopel saying tehy voted for the BNP but that they are not racist. I feel I have to tell them that if they voted for the BNP they are indeed racist.

Thick as well.