Thursday, July 02, 2009

Words fail me

but I am going to have a go at expressing just how angry I feel right now on behalf of someone whose name I don't even know.

All I do know of this person is that she is female, in her late 40's, and she just happens to be the mother of the girl the tabloids tell us is 'The Nation's Sweetheart' aka Mrs Cheryl Cole.

So it seems that last night Mrs Cole had a birthday do and along came her mum. Lots of show biz 'pals' and lots of paparazzi along of course to get the photos of Mrs Cole and show biz 'pals'. So for, so 'Who gives a fuck?' And yet, not content with taking the photos of various members of Girls Aloud and Simon Cowell they somehow feel that Cheryl's mum is fair game too. They take a photo of her sitting in a car,which various papers have elected to print this morning, to graphically illustrate that this woman (who as far as I am aware has never done anything to court any publicity) has come out without knickers under her dress.

I can't start to imagine how humiliated this woman must feel. She would presumably never have dreamt in her worst nightmares that anyone would ever pay so much attention to her that they would even bother to take a photo of her - let alone a photo like that. What has she ever done to deserve such a thing? And what the hell have we come to as a society that not only do they take such a photo, but apparently it is worth good money to the photographer concerned because the papers have paid for it, and they have printed it.

Bad enough that as Gill pointed out earlier this week certain sections of the media are obsessed with printing unbecoming photos of people in the public eye, but when it is some woman who just happens to be attending her daughter's birthday party you have to wonder just how low these scumbags working in this area will end up stooping. What are the limits to ones connection to a famous person that will ensure one will NOT attract the attention of those prying lenses? I'm quite worried myself actually. Does the fact that I met Trigger and spoke with him for all of five minutes mean I now have to build security gates round my garden to prevent the paparazzi taking photos of me sunbathing? "Who is Trigger's mystery female friend, and what does she think she looks like in that M&S bikini?"


Lucy said...

Come on now, JJ, you must stop looking at that Daily Mail site, for your own peace of mind.

I have tried, but I cannot feel your outrage.

It must be the weather.


Annis said...

Who is Cheryl Cole? ;-)

Daphne said...

Poor Cheryl Cole's mum - I share your indignation! She ought to be able to go out in a knickerfree manner without ending up in the tabloids!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I just searched to see what you had been banging on about. Poor Joan Callaghan - the showbiz party must have been intimidating enough but to have a peeping tom photographer snapping her without her permission is verging on obscene. Speaking of obscenity - Cheryl Cole's dress looked like something out of a cheap pornstar's wardrobe.

jay said...

I have no idea who Cheryl Cole is, or what she's done to be the Nation's Sweetheart, but I do agree that it's extremely wrong for the media to do this to her mother.

I expect this is the kind of thing that made a sweet and gentle man like Johnny Depp threaten to bite the nose of any Paparazzi who came near his family, huh?

Gill said...

ooh I hope the paparazzi weren't out and about near St Bees beach yesterday- it was so hot that when I got changed after having a swim I decided to go knickerless. Who wants to wear panties when it is so hot? (possibly the universal lady boy?)

J.J said...

You're right Lucy - I must stop it. But I was raging!

Annis - from the photos of her birthday party I think she must be an ice dancer!(Or as YP says - a porn star)

Daphne - I can't imagine how she must be feeling about it.

YP - agree with you about both the obscene parts of this story...photographers and That Dress.

Jay - that action by Johnney Depp raises him even higher in my estimation.

Gill - mind how you get into the car - they have eyes and lenses everywhere it would appear.

Gill said...

It was a vey long skirt with a double layer of material so hopefully I am safe from Daily Mail shame!

Karen said...

yes but not safe from daughter shame. i hope you had a costume this time rather than grotty old bra and knickers

J.J said...

Oops Gill - your daughter has caught you!