Tuesday, January 13, 2009

what actually depresses me

about this is not the sheer out of touch ignorance of Charles and his offspring.* Frankly, that doesn't come as any great surprise. But what does get me is the fact that the two people referred to with such totally unacceptable 'nicknames' feel they have to say they aren't offended. Thankfully the soldier's father has the guts to speak the truth when he accused Harry of using a hate word against his son.

And no - this isn't 'political correctness gone mad'. It's common courtesy not to use such vile expressions. This reminds us why that is the case.. No one I know would dream of using such terms- would you?

*I did always think that Harry could actually be the son of James Hewitt, but in spite of the physical likeness I think this latest episode is proof positive that he must indeed be a direct descendant of that great ambassador for cultural understanding - HRH Phil.


Fire Byrd said...

Actually I do know people who use the term used by Harry. And I hate it and speak out when I hear it.
Not that the offenders take any notice of me..... and they would be the first to be offended if they were called names by another culture. Another case of not taking responsibility for themselves.

Gill said...

I think that sometimes people use terms like 'paki' out of sheer ignorance and not always out of hate, especially in rural areas like Cumbria which isn't exactly multicultural. That doesn't excuse the Royal family though as they are allegedly well educated and well travelled and should be setting an example.

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Yorkshire Pudding said...


J.J said...

Hi Fire Byrd - (making conscious effort to use your current name of choice) - it is a horrible word isn't it?

Gill - agree that especially in rural areas people do use the word without understanding the implications. As for the royals - I blame the parents.

YP - what a lovely warm word that is!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Spot on. You will always get idiots who cannot see the offence caused. They worry most people but such fools will never change. I knew an old man who tried to justify calling his dog nigger. I have also been with black friends and realised what they have to put up with, idiots putting on accents that only they, and their mates think funny. and the recipient is supposed to laugh. Sheer stupid ignorance.

J.J said...

Hi Ken - thanks for dropping by, and for what you say. Heard Trevor Phillips being asked on the radio this morning what he would do if a friend of his called him Sooty. He replied that person would no longer be his friend.