Monday, January 26, 2009

New link

Just found out that one of my all time favourite Cobblers players has his own blog.

Any other fan of lower league football can see what Chris Hargreaves has to say about life, the universe, and the Blue Square Premier here.

Non football fans like Fire Byrd may care to check him out anyway for his very admirable six pack!


Fire Byrd said...

couldn't find his six pack. Is he the one with the long hair?
not as beautiful as Becks though!

J.J said...

In side bar - surfing pic- the one on the right hand side Fire Byrd! Not as good looking as Becks - but an awful lot brighter!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but why does he think "alot" is one word? Why does anybody?


J.J said...

Messalina - he obviously watched too much Paul Daniels in his youth.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Chris who? Think I'll give that one a bit of a miss. Feeling blue after going down yet again - this time to West Ham 2-0. We hardly turned up. Moooaaaan!

J.J said...

YP - it's good - honestly. More than can be said for Hull's current form I am afraid. Reidski and I saw a bit of last night's match - when not watching Celtic v Dundee Utd with their epic 11-10 win on penalties. I hate seeing West Ham win at the best of times -I hate it more when they win against Hull.