Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Man City's own goal

Garry Cook, City's executive chairman said of AC Milan: "They bottled it. We weren't naive. It was just that the world we entered was unprofessional. We engaged alot of professional people to take care of this. But it was all a bit too sophisticated for Milan."

Well - with all those professional people Man City employed to take care of this proposed deal wouldn't you have thought they would have managed to come up with at least one Italian speaker at the initial talks in - erh - Italy? Or would that have been a bit too sophisticated?


Grumpy Old Ken said...

Very true. Not happy here in Derby after last night. Roll on Friday. Spent Sunday night at friends in Kislingbury ? Plus my daughter spent four years at Nene training to be a teacher. We picked Northampton, not because it was the best but because it was the friendliest.

Reidski said...

This was even better from Cook talking about meeting MR Kaka sr: "We talked a lot about a humanitarian approach and also environmental issues and the statements his son would like to make around the world."

marc said...

Reidski mate:
Wasn't ever going to happen, just blowing a lot of smoke -- think you'll see him at R Madrid this summer, at least according to Beck's prediction!! Right.

Steve said...

What can I say? I agree wholeheartedly with everything you have said. It makes me sick to my stomach what's happening to MY club.

On the other hand the bile that is erupting from the mainly London-centric Press is a fucking disgrace.

It's apparently OK to be DEEP in debt (Manchester United for example) and spend in the region of £370 million on:-

Rooney.. £30m
Ferdinand.. £30m
Berbatov.. £30m
Veron.. £30m
Hargreaves.. £20m
Carrick.. £18m
Saha.. £12m
Ronaldo.. £12m
van Nistelrooy.. £20m.....

..over the past few years, and nobody bats an eyelid.

Same with Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal.

Aston Villa are being tolerated by our London chums in the Press at the moment because, apparently, they are doing it the 'Right' way (patent pending).

God help 'em if they dare to aspire though. God 'elp 'em if they start spending money. It's just not on.

If you rifle back through my blog you'll find out what I - and a lot of other 'Old-School' City fans thought - and think - about Mr Cook. We are not comfortable with this 'Richest Club In The World' title. We're not used to it. We are the perennial underdogs. The team who put everything on black 10 at Monte Carlo.....And lost.

3rd tier of English football. I was there. Watching us getting beat by Wycombe Wanderers, Oldham Athletic and a whole host of others. I don't go now though. There's something not right. Money (even before Sheik Mansour) has blinded my club. That's all we are now. For all their billions, the owners still look upon us as cash cows.

£35 to £40 for a ticket? You're 'avin' a laugh aren't yer?

Steve said...

BTW a Spanish speaker would probably have been better. Not an Italian. Ermmm...or is it Portuguese in Brazil?

Anyway, the next live I will go and see is Droylsden v whoever. It seems to me that they cock things up on a scale like City did in the old days.

Martin said...

Gary Cook appears to be an appointment in the grand tradition of MCFC. It makes me nostalgic for the days of Peter Swales. And wih Swales there was the bonus that you could buy decent punk singles at his record shop in Alty.

J.J said...

I think things are going to be looking up for Derby County from now on Ken - not that they could possibly get much worse than they have been recently. Kislingbury? Yes, I know it quite well. And noce to hear Nene was a friendly place.

Reidski - humanitarian???? environmental???? FF'sS!!!!

Marc - still it kept the media occupied for a speculation and make believe at least.

Steve - I so admire the way you have started to watch Droylsden instead of City. It must be terrible to see what is happening though at a club you have loved for so long - and yes - through thick and thin. I well remember the day you played us in League 1 -we could have sold out five times over, and I don't mean to Cobblers fans. City fans do know what suffering is all about.

As for the press - well. Talk about Man City - Know Your Place! And same goes for any other jumped up side with a sudden cash inflow.

And Martin! Nostalgic for the days of Peter Swales! Didn't he invest in Alty at one time?