Thursday, January 22, 2009

My portfolio

I have shares in what used to be the Halifax Building Society. When they sold out all account holders got some shares. (Thatcherism - wasn't it great?) I never did anything with them because a) I thought they might be good to sell on a rainy day and b) I didn't ever know how to sell shares anyway.

As usual in matters financial it looks like I made a mistake.

I'm no mathematician but even I can tell from this graph that my little shareholding is worth bugger all.

I will try not to jump out of a skyscraper window in my despair.


Gill said...

oh dear it looks like the same graph we have for our scanty aviva shares that we got through something norwich union did aoens ago (I don't understand this financial thing either)

word verification is flopi which kind of sums it up!

Jay said...

Yep, our graph looks the same. :(

marc said...

Meanwhile, if the state & progress of my 401k retirement plan is any indication, I should be eating cat food in my declining years. Gourmet cat food, however....

J.J said...

Gill, don't ou think that name change is insane? One knew where one was with Norwich Union. Aviva????? What marketing genius came up with that one?

Jay - does this in fact mean that this time next year we will not in fact be millionaires? That is SO unfair!

Marc - so long as it's not Kit-e-Kat. Worst smelling concoction in the entire universe!