Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Just Jane Exclusive

I want to start this by stressing that I hate Top Gear and were it not for having two teenage sons would never have heard of The Stig. However, I have heard of The Stig, and what is more I even know who he is. He lives in the same village as me.

And so when I read this I feel quite smug. Ben Collins may or may not be A Stig - but he is not unique. My Stig says he is one of three.

So there we are - readers of this blog (a select group) know more than readers of The Times do.

Up date - Wednesday. Four! They must be breeding.


marc said...

Not been able to appreciate the 'subtleties' of 'Top Gear' either, but then I'm more of a 'Dragons' Den' type. They're such c**ts!!!

Gill said...

I don't get the top gear thing -is the stig the one who needs to buy zovirax?

Jay said...

There are three Stigs? Well, well ... you learn something new every day!

trousers said...

I like Top Gear, despite

(a) not caring much for a certain one of the presenters

(b) never having driven a car in my life

So as regards the stig, may I say I'm rather impressed.

Anonymous said...

Is this the time to mention that Martin Shaw's stalker and Martin Shaw live in the same village as I did in my second year of university?

Yours villagely


J.J said...

Marc - as you know I love the Enfiled / Whitehouse versions of Dragon's Den!

Gill - I suspect that all three of the presenters have herpes at the very least.

Jay - oh yes - this is an educational blog doncha know!

Trousers - you would not be referring to a certain J.C would you? He obviously does think he is Jesus Christ doesn't he?

Messalina - I can't believe you haven't told me that before! An excellent story to share over a drink...and when are we next having one????