Friday, October 03, 2008

I hate

people who when they take their supermarket trolley back to the trolley park don't push it into the trolley in front of it but just shove it in the general direction of all the other trolleys.

They obviously all think they are far too busy and grand to perform this small task which takes seconds. After all, some minion is getting paid peanuts to tidy the trolleys up after them aren't they? And who cares about other shoppers trying to replace their own trolley, who due to the inconsideration of others, are faced with the task of moving numerous other trolleys before they have a hope of putting their trolley away?

Yes - I know there are more important things to get wound up about but I think that this in its way does reflect the 'Me Generation' of people who think of noone except themselves.

I blame Thatcher! (For this and for most other things I don't like.)


Fire Byrd said...

She's probably responsible for when your team don't do well!!!

I hate people who sit in the outside lane of the motorway who won't move in when your behind them because they are too sodding important!!
hugs x

Jay said...

Oh, I hate that jumble of trolleys in the park too! SO inconsiderate. But more than that I hate it when people stand their toddlers, or sit their babies-in-nappies in the trolley - where the next person is going to put their food!! When I think of all the things the kid probably trod in ...


Karen said...

I hate nurses and social workers who take files from the filing room without filling in the tracer card. It takes two seconds but saves admin staff a hell of a lot of hassle when looking for a file, the tracer card is there and all the it says is "Returned to filing room" when the file is blatantly not there.

marc said...

Or how about those arrogant morons who toss garbage out of their car windows!!!! (loved that one!)

J.J said...

Don't get me started on middle/outside lane hoggers Pixie. They are right up there on my hate list too!

Oh yuk Jay! I hadn't thought of that before but now that I have - yuk and double yuk! Something else to worry about.

Karen - yes, I hate anyone whose inconsideration makes life more difficult for other people.

Oh Marc! I get cross all over again just remembering that stupid litter dropping bitch!