Thursday, October 02, 2008


Cameron has a plan.

And there was me worring that our 'Prime Minister in Waiting' (God help us) was all style and no substance.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Cameron should stick to what he does best - smoking pot with his hooray Henry chums at Eton. He's a sheep in sheep's clothing. And he is to the UK what Sarah Palin is to the US. No substance.

J.J said...

Not a single ounce of substance. And don't get me started on Sarah Palin! Understands Russia as she lives next door to it????? If McCain wins I shall have to find this god of theirs and start praying to him that McCain out lives his term of office.

Jay said...

"David Cameraon .... appears not to be Scottish ... " HAHAHAHA!!!!

Lovely little piece of ironic writing - and I like the 'Julian Cook' quote at the end, too.

Anonymous said...

"don't get me started on Sarah Palin.."

Right with ya -- I've never seen a bigger political joke in my years here but one that could scarily end with the joke on me. I always suspected but never fully believed that there were that many thick c**ts in this country! If the worst happens, you just may see me & D turn up in Northhampton for the next four years!

J.J said...

Jay - The Daily Mash is consistently funny...I waste far too much of my time reading it.

Marc - we did see some of her 'debate' with Biden ("Can I call you Joe?") and it made me cringe. They do say we get the politicians we deserve but surely to god no one deserves her???
(You two would always be welcome here btw!)