Friday, October 03, 2008

I hate this more

Who in their right minds produced a computer game called Kindergarten Killer in which players are urged to 'Shoot down those pesky little kids'?

Finland have now banned it although it took just the two high school massacres before they did. It puzzles me that anywhere in the entire world has NOT banned it.


Fire Byrd said...

OOH we could invent another game here called battered babies... there's probably a market for it.

There are some seriously damaged people out there.

Jay said...

I think 'Smack the Politician' would be far more popular.

Or 'Steal Your Groceries', or maybe 'Super Drug Addicts' ... oooh, I know, how about 'Pick up a Child to Molest'?

They could form a company called 'Unethical Games' and I'm sure it would make millions.

You know, people have never really got the connection between what children watch and play, and what sort of values they grow up with, but this is beyond belief.

I'm inclined to think it's a kind of backlash against political correctness.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

This game is really popular with schoolteachers like yours truly. After a hard day at the chalkface or interactive whiteboard face with ill-disciplined adolescents, there's nothing more satisfying than obliterating a bunch of virtual kids. Very cathartic.

Karen said...

I agree that this is sick and wrong. But I have played plenty of violent computer games and have never wanted to copy any of the moves or plan a massacre at my school or workplace. So I dn't they are always to blame, I think it depends on the person playing it.

J.J said...

Pixie and Jay - I fear someone somewhere will be acting on your suggestions this very minute.

YP - ah! So now we know the target market - teachers!

Karen, I may be a bit two faced on this as I have bought my sons violent games before (after much nagging and pleading from them), but the idea of shooting children in a so called 'entertaining game' is to me beyond vile. My boys were the same age as the children who died in Dunblane when those shootings happened and I guess maybe that is why I am so very revolted by this.