Friday, October 10, 2008


here with Reidski this weekend for a wedding on Sunday. We will be back on Tuesday. I leave you in the meantime with a picture which may or may not be of the young Reidski having a fling. Have a good weekend all.


Sandi McBride said...

And now my heart is singing...the Scots blood is running high now! Congratulations on the award from Jay!

Sandi McBride said...

Thanks for coming to see me! I would have been back anyway to see my "I'm certain they're" kinsmen anyway, lol!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

So when did Reidski pop the question? All the best Griselda for many happy future years together. However, it is more traditional to get hitched in the bride's parish! Did Reidski get a good deal on tht tumbledown old castle or something?

Jay said...

Oooh, a wedding! I love weddings! Drinks all round!

Have fun! ;)

Gill said...

mm -nice socks!

marc said...

Were the rest of the 'brothers Reidski' in attendence by any chance??

Karen said...

Lovely looking castle.

It's quite chilly up here so make sure you wrap up warm!

J.J said...

Hiya Sandi! Welcome! You should have been there. Your kinsfolk were in great form!

YP - we will be happy for very many years - I know that.

Jay - LOTS of drinks all round! And we had lots of fun, thank you :-)

Gill - groovy aren't they?!

En masse Marc!

Karen - the sun shone on the day but the rest of the time - brrrrhh!