Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bonny Scotland

What a great time was had.

The wedding was a lovely family do, complete with lots of kilts (I know now it is true that Scotsmen do not wear anything under their kilts and I am still recovering from that), bagpipes and the Gay Gordons.

Course, things deteriorated later in the evening as more and more alcohol was consumed, and it degenerated into a night of debauchery and pole dancing. Or was that just me?

On the Monday Reidski and I visited Kirkcudbright. I enjoyed looking at that link as I know now that it obviously looks very nice in the sunshine. We had the typical British tourist experience there though - it rained and it was closed. Still, I did learn how it is pronounced and it only took me three days. 'Cur - cud -bree.' (Surely some mistake? Ed.)

Went in a pub near Dumfries on Monday night where an overheard conversation reduced us both to tears of laughter...

Older man (possibly dad) to younger man crying into his beer over his love life: "You've about as much chance of getting a shag off her, as of getting a shag off your ma."

Younger man : "She says I am the most intelligent man she has ever met."
Older man: "Then god help her."

On Tuesday we had the best pub lunch EVER on the way back down south. Karen and Gill - you live in Cumbria so haste ye both to The Wheatsheaf in Beetham (South of Kendal).

Wasn't ready to come back, but had to before Reidksi's accent became totally incomprehensible as tends to happen the instant he crosses Hadrian's Wall.

(And no - he didn't wear a kilt which was a shame as I had such plans for that eventuality......another fantasy shot down in flames!)


Yorkshire Pudding said...

JJ- Soon you will have to change the name of this blog to "Life is All McCobblers!"

Gill said...

Never been to the wheatsheaf but if we are down that way I'll give it a go. If you were at Beetham you should have taken a walk to the fairy steps to make a wish!

er- isn't it pronounced kir-coo-bree?

J.J said...

Sponsored by MacDonalds do you think YP?

Gill - yes - I am sure it probably is pronounced that way! Just as I was thinking I had finally got the hang of it too :-( Scotland really is a foreign country.

Jay said...

That post made me giggle in several places, but I love the overheard conversation! ROFL!

Z said...

I thought that the 'cud' was pronounced 'cood'.. Still, I've never been there. I'm not arguing the point.

J.J said...

I just couldn't control my giggles Jay when I heard what they were saying.

Z - you're right - and I have been well and truly told off by Reidski for getting it wrong once again!