Thursday, April 03, 2008

What would you do?

You are passing some time on the beach with your kids. You hear them scream. You run to each other. They insist they have just found a head in "that bag over there".

One would surely be inclined to think they were imagining things or making it up. It was after all April 1st.

So may be you tell them to not be so silly and go back to building the sandcastle?

But they they are presumably throwing up all over the place.

Do you risk a peek? You wouldn't want to but could you risk calling the police without checking first?

So glad I wasn't the parent concerned. (And how many sleepless nights are they going to have with those little girls from now on?)

I am also grateful that when Reidski and I were on the beach on Tuesday the only dead body we found belonged to a dogfish. (The poor thing.)


Det Ch Insp McMillan ....said the case was still not being treated as murder.

Suicide by wrapping own head in plastic bag and then cutting it off with the slight disadvantage of having already cut off own hands then?


Polgara said...

Suicide by wrapping own head in plastic bag and then cutting it off with the slight disadvantage of having already cut off own hands then?

Classic comment lol

Pol x

Steg said...

I haven't heard "official confirmation" that the head and hands come from the same individual. Obviously, one would hope so and that here aren't several dismembered corpses waiting to wash up in the Arbroath area!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

This news item may invite some of those heartless swift and sickly witty jokes about topical tragedies... "Head and Shoulders"... Let's head for the beach..." "Head and fingers knees and toes..." etc..
Talk about murder. I unwittingly killed a pheasant yesterday as I drove down a remote country lane west of Beverley. The only way to have avoided this killing would have been to swerve into the path of a 4x4 that was approaching at a rate of knots. Such a beautiful bird as well - I mean the dying pheasant - not the farmer's wife in the 4x4.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I echo polgara: it's a great line!

Dandelion said...

I thought that! About those girls.

As for it not being murder, it could have been a rather complicated accident.

J.J said...

Hello Polgara and thank you for popping in. A bizarre statement by the policeman I thought!

Steg - it is enough to put one off one's Arbroath Smokies for life!

YP - pheasants need to learn the Green Cross Code - urgently whilstthere are still some of their species left.

Hiya Lisa! *WWaves*. xx

Dandelion - a very, very complicated accident indeed!

The Fatalist said...

YP's comment reminds me that old joke:
How do you know Mountbatten had dandruff?
They found his head and shoulders on the beach!

Changing tack slightly, and all very hypothetical, be so lucky for it to be true:

Imaging you're walking along the beach, with your kids, friends, whoever. They come running up and say they've found a head in a bag. You react with disbelief as you naturally would, as in your posting. But, there's always a but!
It's someone you really hate. Someone you'd love to see dead. It's them! How would you react? Disbelief, before dancing a jig of joy in the sand, or what?
And who is it you want dead then?

J.J said...

Thatcher's head in a plactic bag? Now there is a thought to make one jump for joy.