Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Darren invited me to participate with the following:

"A very simple meme this one. Ideal for when you have no time for blogging but still want to show the world you haven't lapsed into hibernation."

1) What was the last 1980s song you heard?

It was probably The Ruts, ‘Staring at the Rude Boys’ …if that was in fact out in the 80’s? Pause to look it up….. Yes, just checked and it came out in 1980 so just qualifies.

2) What was the last thing you saw on Youtube?

Now this is a bit of a tricky one to answer with any real accuracy. Reidski and I were mucking around with Youtube the other night, and whilst Elected by Alice Cooper definitely wasn’t the last one we played, it was the last one I can clearly recall. Yes – too much to drink again. I am a disgrace.

3) What was the last entry on Wikipedia you viewed?

See the link below as I answered that question before this one.

4) What was the last computer/video game you completed all the way through?

I used to be quite good at Tetris, but naturally I never managed to finish it. It was SO addictive. I stopped playing it when I got a life instead.

5) What did you last pig out on?

We had a curry in Brick Lane last night here. We were with Marc and Deana who are still on holiday here from Chicago. And it was bloody lovely.

6) What is the last undeleted text message on your mobile phone?

It was a weather report - “Absolutely pissing it down here.”

7) When did you last have a conversation with someone other than a family member?

Reidski is always telling me off for talking to random strangers – he says it is just not done in London. (Except in pubs when football is on of course.) However, my last conversation – I don’t actually know if you could call it a conversation but I was just talking at one of the admin women here. She obviously hates her job and she clearly thinks all social workers are prats. Getting a response from her is a challenge I always enjoy of a morning. She did finally condescend to tell me the photocopier was out of order – again. I told her how much I had enjoyed our little chat. (I didn’t really – I am far too scared of her to say anything like that to her face.)

8) Aside from where you live, what is the last village/town/city you visited?

Well I was in London E1 last night as previously referred to. It was actually the first time I had ever been to Brick Lane to eat which is almost as mad as Reidski taking 20 years to visit the Tower of London, or Darren living three years in New York without ever actually seeing the Statue of Liberty. Reidski was telling us houses in the area are now going for over a million pounds so the expectation is that Brick Lane will lose its curry houses as the rents become unaffordable and all we will get there will be Starbucks and McDonalds. What a depressing thought.

9) What was the last competition you won?

I haven’t won anything for ages, but the last thing I remember winning was well worth winning. I won a weekend for two at Henlow Grange health farm. I took my mum. That was where I found out I could do levitation. Reidski refuses to believe I can do this, and will not allow me to demonstrate on him that I can. But I am a woman of many* talents.

10) What are the last three blogs you visited?

Darren’s, Reidski’s and The Fatalist. The last of these has ensured I will never again sit down on a bus seat without very careful scrutiny of the empty seat first.

And as for who I will positively encourage to do this little exercise I am tempted to say Pixie as she has made it clear how much she loves doing these (not!), but I like her far too much to risk her wrath!

I will say The Fatalist to punish him for the misdemeanours on the buses of his youth.

Also Karen.

And Steg.

* For ‘many’ read 'few'.


Darren said...


cheers for doing the meme. I've been meaning to rope you into one of them for absolutely ages.

The Ruts were an amazing band. Definitely one of my favourite bands from that era, and from watching old footage of the late Malcolm Owen on YouTube and listening to bootleg live Ruts recordings, he was both incredibly charismatic and overly boorish in equal measure.

Sorry to read about the possible future of Brick Lane. Kara and I went there for a curry when she visited London.

There's actually a wee side street in the East Village which has all these excellent and (relatively) cheap curry houses. However, the most garish (and pricey) of the lot is called, you've guessed it, The Brick Lane.

We've never tried it out, always opting the smaller and cosier curry houses on the same street.

J.J said...

Darren - my pleasure!

I saw the Ruts shortly before Malcolm Owen died. Absolutely brilliant night.

The Fatalist said...

I've answered them. Hope you're bleedin' happy now!

J.J said...

Thanks Fatalist - though I seem to have really pissed off your mate Liits for the sin of asking you. What is his fucking problem?

Karen said...

Hi JJ sorry I haven't got round to doing it yet but I will I promise. Haven't been in a blogging mood of late and haven't really been home to blog!

J.J said...

You've done it Karen! Thank you. xx