Monday, April 21, 2008

And now for something way more serious.


Oldham Athletic have made an official complaint to the Football League after they were forced to wear Northampton Town’s socks last Saturday.

Club officials were surprised when Town opted to wear white socks as opposed to the burgundy* version listed with the Football League.

Referee Darren Drysdale refused to back Athletic, who had to play wearing the hosts normal home socks with their blue kit.**

The move left chief executive Alan Hardy fuming.

I am not making this up by the way
as this link should prove, if it hasn't been moved.

One can only start to imagine how nice calm Mr Hardy would react if a dodgy penalty was awarded against his side. He'd be really 'Raging!'I would imagine.

* Editor's note: We play in claret, not bloody burgundy.

** Fashion editor's note: Blue and claret did rather clash - it wasn't a good look.


JoeInVegas said...

They had to change their socks? What kinds of rules do you have for football over there? Is that portion so people can just look at feet and recognize teammates?

Karen said...

How odd! I take it Oldham's blue isn't similar to W/Ham or Villa's then as those poor bastards have to wear wine and blue every week.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Sorry but I am with Oldham on this. It is a disgrace and in my view the match should be replayed with the Cobblers made to play in their underwear! Furthermore any female Cobblers fans should be made to go topless. Just a thought.

J.J said...

Joe, I thought I knew about football, but the law on the wearing of socks defeats me. I know they have to wear different coloured ones to the opposition so referees can hopefully see who is playing the ball when there is a group of players together, but why Oldham would make a fuss about it I really can't understand!

Karen - very odd indeed. And personally I would have thought Mr Hardy would have been better advised to be fuming about the way his team performed than what socks they had to wear!

YP - mmmmm, the team playing in their underwear? What a nice idea. And I for one am quite prepared to go topless - or at least, I am on a lovely beach somewhere hot. Another nice idea. I thank you!

Martin said...

There's nothing wrong with claret and blue, quite possibly the best combination of colours ever devised for a footy kit.

(Sings:5-1 and you're going down!)

J.J said...

Ah Martin - I thought of you on Sunday!