Sunday, April 06, 2008


The Frocky Horror Show!.

Well worth scrolling down in order to fully appreciate the dress sense of the young ladies at Aintree.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Whooa! I did scroll down but they all had their clothes on! You said it would be "well worth" the effort. It wasn't. I am to ladies' fashion what Wayne Rooney is to books!

J.J said...

To be fair YP - some of them have only just about got their clothes on!

And doesn't Wayne have a contract to write six autobiographies - or did I dream that up? You are truly a fashion guru!

The Fatalist said...

Was that really a 'girls day out', or a fancy dress party for female freaks?
It really does make you glad to be gay! ;-)

timesnewroman said...

That was an absolutely brilliant treat. If I hadn't popped round I would have missed that.

You'd think they might have mirrors at home.

J.J said...

Fatalist - I have to give them this - that they have a lot of front going out like that.

TNR - glad you appreciated my fashion feature!

Anonymous said...

They say punters, I say munters. Glad to see that a can of Foster's lager is this season's must-have accessory. I never thought that Kym Marsh would stand out as a paragon of sophistication, but she does in this company.

Very enjoyable and enlightening, as ever, JJ.


Gill said...

Ah -that lovely 70s bedspread style dress is in fashion again. How lovely. They all looked rather cold too poor things.

Karen said...

oh god i think i've gone blind!

hideous frocks, the grecian number made her look boxy and one of them in particular looked like it was made out of green velvet curtains. and several patterns that looked like they'd vomited down themselves. nice!

J.J said...

Messalina - Looking forward to seeing you later! Maybe we could both dress up like the women featured here? Wonder if Reidski would be honest about how he thought we both looked?

Gill, yes - very cold. A distinct lack of thermals there.

Karen - and that grecian fright was apparently in line for the best dress competition????!!!! Words fail me!