Sunday, February 10, 2008

Think yourselves lucky

that I have to be out in a few minutes which restricts my ability to rant about the greedy fucking bastards at the Premier League who believe "This is an idea whose time has come".

This from a group of pampered teams who already complain about their players having to go on overseas on international duty during the season, and who are on record as saying they play too many games as it is.

That it will come to pass I have no merry hell with the fans who have sustained these clubs throughout so many years....Hong Kong here we come. And as to the slight difficulty that it would be unfair for the likes of say Derby County to end up playing Man Utd 3 times in a season and therefore almost certainly facing an enhanced threat of relegation? Well that is easily solved isn't it? No more relegation from the premiership.

Anyway, who needs Premiership football? You can see from this picture the lengths some people will go to to watch Northampton Town these days.

Anyone would think we were playing a 'Big Team' yesterday - like Leeds United or some such side?


Steg said...

It is possibly the silliest idea I've heard come from "football" since someone thought that Steve McClaren would make a good England manager.

Kevin Williamson said...

Crap indeed JJ.

Mind you I've not got much sympathy for clubs from the English lower reaches who get massive but undeserved TV cheques each season from Rupert Murdoch .... then use them to raid players from the Scottish PL, which, if it got the same dough from Rupert's mob, would be a much more competitive and attractive proposition to play in than the Coca Cola Nationwide Conference league.

cookie monster said...

The fact that this idea was even mooted in the first place just sticks two fingers up to the rest of us. We are now a lughing stock in world football.

JoeinVegas said...

I don't understand, what's wrong with them making extra money playing extra games abroad? They still will have the same season at home, won't they?

Reidski said...

The whole sport is now absurd. Take, for example, the stupid Liverpool fans organising protests to demand that "their" club is sold to the Dubai government - beyond parody and satire!

J.J said...

Steg - I always wondered who that perosn was who apparently thought McClaren would make a good England manager.

Kev, Murdoch's money has ruined our game and has definitely led to this latest scheme. And I can only sympathise about your players and managers getting lured south by the cash on offer. No big sides bother with players like those at League 1 level - they just take their pick from around the world...and then complain when those players get called up to play for their own countries. Expletives fail me.

Cookie - we are the last people they care about. We don't buy enough replica shirts at £40 + a go.

Joe, if they want to go and play exhibition matches around the world that is fine, but to incorporate these games into the league itself unbalances the whole competition of the season - and is a slap in the face to the supporters here who follow them all over the country and thus have sustained the clubs over many many years by paying their ticket money. So in this scheme it wouldn't be the same season at all.

Reidski, you know I agree with you 100%. Dubai - FF'sS!!!!

Brom said...

I don't do football, as you probably have guessed.

Rugby? - now thats's a different story. Snigger!!!

Pixie said...

I would like to comment, but can't as I don't care.

But you could come to my party on March 1st and convince me of it's worth if you wanted!!

J.J said...

Brom, rugby is indeed another story. One I haven't read as yet!

Pixie - I kind of envy you that. Thank you so much for the invite - I will e-mail you.