Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wednesday already?

Well my team won the quiz on Friday. Winning is always nice - not that we do it that often, but Friday's victory was exceedingly sweet. We were playing The Untouchables. That is the polite name for this particular team in which four persons are always present, but only two ever answer; a husband and wife who know absolutely everything, but far worse that that - take the whole village quiz thing Very Seriously. They have completely altered what used to be a fun evening out to one that is tense and unpleasant since they started 'playing'. But on Friday - apart from an alegbra round over which I prefer to draw a veil - everything went right for us, and we didn't just beat them by a little bit. We were The Destroyers of The Untouchables. And it isn't just us that doesn't like them as was well evidenced by the massive cheer we got when the results were read out.

The Untouchables are the ones who knowing a round was coming up on motorway service stations researched the sodding things in advance. And when baby sitters go round pre quiz they hear them testing each other with general knowledge questions.

I feel I have to mention again that we are talking here about a silly little village quiz.

Also, on Sunday Reidski and I arrived late for the quiz at his local and even though there was an entire round on science - SO not our subject - we finished that a respectable fourth.... and I hasten to add that not all the other teams were as dumb as the four American girls whose sheet we were marking. There is something very depressing in realising that when four Americans are asked " Ottawa is the capital of which country?" not one of them can come up with the answer.


Grilled Pizza said...

Loved this post, my parents used to run pubs so have seen this many many times!
We used to do a surprise one every few weeks where all the questions were TV or whatever was popular at the time just so the local youngsters could get one over the offending team for one!

John said...

Was in the pub the other week while a quiz was going on, and every team seemed to have a designated member with their mobile on. The texting was blatant!

timesnewroman said...

OMGH Ottawa! Yes the mobile phone is ringing the death knell to the pub quiz. We got to one on Monday nights, and there's a music round with 5 songs that you have to name the artist. We are usually good at it (There's another bloke in our team who is good on 90s 2000s pop)However there is a team who now seem to do quite well, who wouldn't recognise The Beatles if they strode into the pub wearing the kit from the Sgt Pepper sleeve. Seemingly you can dial 2580, hold the mobile for 15 seconds and it'll txt the answer back to as long as its not a live track or classical.

JoeinVegas said...

Too bad that what most people treat as fun some have to attack as if it was a war to win. Can't they ban mobiles from these things?
Anyway, good work on the winning thing. How many pints does it take?

J.J said...

GP - my parents ran pubs too!

John and TNR - I would NEVER do anything like that....I can never get a signal in our village hall!

Joe - it does take a glass or two of wine to get the courage to buzz in with an answer that you aren't too sure about, thus risking much ridicule if you are completely and utterly wrong.