Monday, February 18, 2008

Open House

Well I don't know about anyone else but I am sick and tired of this signing in performance and so I hearby declare this blog well and truly open.

How so very ever - I know I have to be more careful about what I write and so I have revived my old blog but made that invite only. Everyone who was an invited reader of this during what will now only be referred to as 'The Crisis' which led to me disappearing underground has access to it and once it is tidied up - it looks a RIGHT state - anything that could identify me will be over there. If anyone else wants an in to the other stuff- e-mail me at

The other blog can be found at

There will of necessity be a bit of chopping and changing before this is all sorted sufficent to ease my paranoid mind, but please stick with me!


Grilled Pizza said...

Yay i can add you to Google Reader now :0)

Pixie said...

Bit of early spring cleaning is always good!!
And if only I had any idea how to do it I'd do it too!!

J.J said...

Thank you GP.

Pixie - trouble with me is that I am full of good intentions when it comes to tidying up - five minutes later all enthusiasm is spent.