Sunday, February 24, 2008

An unfortunate coincidence.

So last night my sister and I travel 40 miles to a friend's house for the evening. My sister, as previously mentioned, is unlucky in love. If she falls for someone my mum and I now know immediately that the person she has fallen for is a dodgy double dealer at best, and a complete and utter cunt at worst.

My sister wasted 18 precious years of her life on one of the world's major league bastards, for reasons that no one who knew her and him have ever been able to fathom. It was at least four years after they finally split up before she could even think about looking at another man.

Now it is a fact that most of the single men round these parts would give their eye teeth to take her out, not to mention several of the married ones as well, but she isn't interested in them, preferring instead to take out an advert in saying "Blonde, 40 something, looking for total shit bag to make my life miserable." (Or something along those lines.) And on several occasions she has struck gold so far as locating total shit bags is concerned.

Alarm bells therefore rang in my head when she confessed she recently had a date with a man via who she had found she really liked. He had made her laugh in e-mail exchanges by saying he was a quality controller for charged with taking out women who were yet to find true love through the web site and compensating them with a champagne filled evening.(That worried me too - how could she possibly be amused by anything that naff?) They met and seemed to get on really well, but then there was a long silence from his side during which she became quite fraught ("Why do the ones I like never call?"), but then he took her out again a week ago. Once again they got on really well. They arranged another date; albeit it not for a further four weeks, which seemed a little odd if they were both so keen.

So back to last night. There were 5 of us women sat around the table chatting, drinking and eating couscous (delicious). Our hostess then asked my sister how it was going with this man, who incidentally lives in Kettering. G explained that it was all very odd, and how they seemed to get on really well, but dates were few and far between. This is probably the moment where I should mention it was our friend who had persuaded my sister to try as she also uses it. "Well" says our friend, "I have been chatting to a guy from Kettering. He seems quite good fun. He reckons to be a quality controller for"

A tumbleweed moment then occurred as what exactly she had just said sank in with me and my sister.

And yes, it is of course one and the same man.

Another potential love affair bit the dust.

I think they might actually have a bit of fun at his expense before revealing to him what they have learnt.

But how unlucky is that man? What I wonder were the chances that he would contact two women, living 40 miles from each other, who just happen to be very good friends?

UPDATE: Our friend is meeting this man on Sunday. Is it just me, or is that a really strange thing for a 'friend' to do? My sister is pretending to her she doesn't mind but....


John said...

Isn't a footie web site? That could be where she's going wrong.

cookie monster said...

As i finished reading that post,i started hearing the 'Ednerd theme in my mind....

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Oh my Lord, I have been rumbled! The Kettering idea was just a subterfuge. May I say, I thought your sister was very nice. It's a hard job being a quality controller for a dating website in your spare time but somebody's got to do it.

Jennyta said...

She's been unlucky for sure. I met Keith through - maybe I was just very lucky.

trousers said...

Will this be a case of "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?"

J.J said...

John, maybe she is after being a footballer's wife?

Cookie - you hum it, I'll play it.

YP - well hello big boy! That's what I heard anyway :-)

Jenny - welcome! And I will be sure to let her know Match is worth sticking with as it can bring happiness.

Trousers - I will keep you posted. But I think the answer to that is most likely - 'Yes.'