Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No Country For Old Men

We saw this yesterday. Positively the only time a Coen Brothers film has given me the kind of nightmares I had last night.

This passage in the review has leapt off the screen for me....

The Coens are true to the pessimistic severity of the book's ending - darker, arguably, than the ending of McCarthy's great novel The Road, to whose horror this story can, in retrospect, be seen to be heading.

By this am I to understand the very book I am currently reading (Cormac McCarthy - The Road) will not be providing me with a nice and cosy happy ending?


Reidski said...

The Road - what a barrel of laughs it is.
Btw, I have a pressing need to see No Country again - I'll not wish you any more strange dreams though, so I'll go on my lonesome.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I also saw this film recently. I loved many aspects of it but not really the violence or the ending which frankly I didnm't understand. I must be thick.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Yes I must be thick - mis-spelling didn't!