Saturday, February 10, 2007


I will wake up.

You know what it is like when you are placed under great pressure to wake up before you are really ready. First you are aware of some weight upon you. You close your eyes that bit tighter in a vain attempt to pretend you have not been woken up. Then you feel breath upon your face. You increase sleep like breathing noises to really really emphasise that you are still sound asleep. However, you know you are beaten when they resort to underhand - in my case this morning - underarm - tactics to well and truly wake you up..... I felt a tongue lick my arm pit.

I shrieked.

Then I did get out of bed to feed the bloody cat before he started eating me.

Anyway, not a bad thing really as it gave my time to say adieu before I set off for Marrakech later this morning.

My mum and dad went there some years ago. A man offered my dad a not inconsiderable number of camels in exchange for my mother. I wonder what I could get for my sister???

And come on you Cobblers at Nottingham Forest today. Who would have thought we would ever be playing former champions of Europe in a league match? Funny old game innit?


Gill said...

Now that we know how much your sister hates waste I would suggest you use that as a bargaining point in the souk.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Have fun in Morocco old girl! But don't go all Muslim on us - there's enough here already! Oh shit - I forgot - I'm supposed to be politically correct within this intellectual blog. Ah well. Tell us all about Marrakech when you return + some piccies please!

cookie monster said...

when you said a tongue was licking your armpit, i had an entirely different picture of Reidski!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Phew Cookie, glad it wasn't just me thinking that...

And JJ, sorry 'bout that 65 minute goal...

Moo said...

Have a fantabulous time JJ, I want to see the piccies on your return!

J.J said...

Gill, more on my bonkers sister will be appearing here shortly!

YP, I manaaged ot resist the lure of Isalm, and many photos will be forthcoming once I have censored any in which my bum looks big.

Cookie, I am such a tease :-)

Lisa, I will let you off seeing as it is you.

Moo, I really did..things got much much better after we escaped the airport.