Monday, February 05, 2007

In case you missed this

The Beautiful South have spilt* up after 19 years together giving as the reason 'musical similarities'.

I very 'kind of' knew them when they were the Housemartins, as in, I drank in the same pub in Hull, and from time to time we would talk football results. Judging by the muscial similarities quote I would imagine they kept their sense of humour.

* They have split up too! (Only noticed thanks to Eagle Eyed Steve Occupied Country.)


Reidski said...

My Beautiful South link - mate of mine punched Heaton's girlfriend in the face and got his band chucked off the tour (they were the support band)!
Always liked the Beautiful South - great pop tunes!

J.J said...

As I said to you earlier, there is a book to be written about your mates and how they somehow failed to become successful in spite of being totally brilliant.

Anyone reading this must go out and buy a Trashcan Sinatra's album. They are just wonderful. (Not you Jim as I realise you already have them all.)

Steve said...

Spilt up?

J.J said...

Ooops! :-)

timesnewroman said...

I'm not sad at all, I didn't mind the housemartins, but the beautiful south i hated with a mild passion. Just didn't see the point of them.