Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Make me an offer.....

Everything in Marrakech is open to negotiation. From a packet of chilli powder to a taxi fare, you have to haggle. It must take for ever to do your shopping, and it was actually quite a relief to come back and buy a packet of washing powder at a fixed price!

Yorkshire Pudding who is Marrakech bound has asked about our hotel. It was this one and it was lovely. Not luxurious, but really friendly, good food, a brilliant bar, two very friendly hotel cats which according to the sign by giving instructions for pool use were not allowed in the water, and best of all the gardens and pool were simply beautiful. It was north of the old town, but only about a 10 minute walk to the tourist bus stop, or a 10 minute car drive there. (Oh god - the driving. Makes a trip on Nemesis at Alton Towers feel tame.)

Anyway, B thought she would want to stay there again when she next went back so she asked for the tariff but there isn't one. What they said to her was "Oh, always cheaper for returners. You ring us, and we will find a price yes?" So I can't really help on the price Y.P but as a guide, for 4 nights bed and breakfast, (flight included) a twin room cost my sister £400.

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