Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm back

At 5.00 am this morning we had no snow. Now we have about five inches of the cold white stuff.

The mission to get to work was aborted approximately fifty yards along the road. I got the car down the steep hill that is my drive way which was a good start. Only then an old lady told me the traffic on the main road was at a complete standstill all the way to town - that's 8 miles. I turned round and then failed to get back up the steep hill that is my drive way.

So a morning at home which is fine, but what is not fine is that I want to get to London later today. What are my chances of making that I wonder?


cookie monster said...

well youcould always breakout the skis?

not that crappy 80's yogurts would help......

The Moy said...

Hey a snow day! Those can be fun!

When I was in college a boyfriend and I, while waiting at my family's mountain house for my parents to get back from what was supposed to just be an aftenoon visit with friends, got snowbound, Mom and Dad stuck on the other side of Blowing Rock. Yes, there were were, STRANDED all by ourselves for an entire evening and most of the following day, in a house with a hot tub, a full liquor cabinet, and cable.

It was just AWFUL... Sometimes I think about it -- you know, just as a sort of cautionary reminder to myself. That dreamy look in my eyes and the faint smile that plays around my lips as I remember doesn't mean anything at all.

J.J said...

I never did like those Swiss yogurts Cookie.

The Moy - it sure sounds like hell ;-)